New 52 Flash HC for November 2012

DC has announced their New 52 collection schedule for 2012. Rather than blasting them all out at once at the end of spring, they’re spreading the collections across the second half of the year. That’s good news if you plan on buying several of the books. It’s not so good news if you’re waiting for the first post-reboot Flash collection, because that one won’t arrive until next November.

As announced, it collects The Flash #1-7. That covers the five-issue “Mob Rule” storyline kicking off the relaunch, plus two more. Those next two issues are planned to be two done-in-one stories, the first focusing on Barry Allen: CSI, and the other going for all-out science fiction.

The Collected Editions blog breaks down the stats on which books are getting the hardcover treatment, which are launching in paperback, how far along some series will be by the time the first collection is out, and just how much it would cost if you wanted to buy them all.

Writers: Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato
Artist: Francis Manapul
Collects: THE FLASH #1-7
$22.99 US, 168 pg
November 2012


2 thoughts on “New 52 Flash HC for November 2012

  1. Collected Editions

    Winged hat tip, Kelson.

    That is a long time to wait for the next Flash trade. At least, however — if you’ve been following the saga of the various DC trades cancelled of late — we can pretty much count on all of these seeing print, and there’s seven or eight of them a month. That seems like more than DC has been releasing (or actually printing) lately, so most trade pull lists won’t be as sparse as they have been, if your wallet can stand it.


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