Flash #7 Variant Cover by Dale Keown

The Flash is trapped in the icy clutches of Captain Cold.

The Source has unveiled Dale Keown’s variant cover for The Flash #7. They also hint that there’s more behind Captain Cold’s rampage than was revealed last issue.

On the art process:

“I was sent a few sentences about the story and an existing cover to get started,” Keown told THE SOURCE when asked about his creative process. “I worked up a sketch for editorial, which was approved with some notes. I usually do the digital inks with some gray scale rendering so it’s just a matter of throwing on some color and hi-lites.”

The Flash #7 concludes the two-part Captain Cold story, and races into stores on March 28.


9 thoughts on “Flash #7 Variant Cover by Dale Keown

  1. Kyer

    The first thing that grabbed me about the cover: “What brand of tooth whitener is Cold using?”

    No. Seriously. I never saw such a perfect pair of pearly whites.

    1. Kyer

      At least that thing doesn’t look nearly as bad as it does in Justice League #6. I saw the scan for the award ceremony pages…. Oy. Is Barry’s jaw that breakable that he needs such bumper guard glued to it?

      Let’s hope that Jay of Earth-2 doesn’t sport one.

      Oh goodness…that just sprouted in my brain, that did. Please, DC, no straps on Jay’s helmet!

  2. married guy

    Nice looking cover.
    Shame Keown can’t keep a monthly schedule. He does some really nice stuff.

  3. John Doe

    I really like that this cover is darker than the original. I’ve been looking at the previous Flash covers and it seems as though they use a lot of white. The original is difficult to look at almost. The only thing is The Flash. I like the way The Flash looks in the original. That is a big deal though. This cover has a simplicity to it that the original doesn’t have. I’m torn


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