Flash Holding Steady as the #8 Comic, Three Months Running

Diamond has released its sales rankings for February, and The Flash #6 comes in at #8 for units sold.*

This marks the third month in a row that the Flash has been ranked #8, and the sixth in a row that it’s been in the top 10. In fact, every issue of the series since the relaunch has been in the top 10. It’s been a long time since the Flash was ranked that highly. Even the high-profile relaunch of Flash: Rebirth dipped below #10 in the middle of its run, and the Geoff Johns/Francis Manapul series spent most of its time in the 11-20 bracket.

Of course the streak will probably break next month when Marvel launches Avengers vs. X-Men, but during the time between giant events, with the series competing mainly against other regular series, it looks solid.

If DC is nervous about this book, the rankings suggest they shouldn’t be.

*Usual note: These are US print sales only.


4 thoughts on “Flash Holding Steady as the #8 Comic, Three Months Running

  1. Kyer

    So you’d think DC would have okayed the request to use Wally since they’ve shown they know what they are doing…or at least how to please their fan base. Because, honestly, right now I can’t think of another team I’d risk having control of the old Flash Family members. X( (Although…I do still really dislike the sleeveless look on Cold. Don’t think I’ll ever like that.)

    Yeah…Marvel is having an ‘event’. Yipee. (These companies celebrate more events than a kid celebrates birthdays: “I’m thwree! *then* I’m thwree and one quarter! *then* Three and a hawf! Where’s my presents?”)

  2. Josh

    Agreed. Seeing how much fun this book is with Barry as the Flash, I can only imagine how much more fun this team would be having with Wally. Then again, I’m also terrified of DC editorial. Look at how they’ve ruined other characters. Maybe Wally fans like us should be glad that he’s not out there to ruin.

    Need an example of just how badly Wally could be handled? We clamored for Jay Garrick and look at what we got.

  3. married guy

    I also think that the variant covers are still helping prop up numbers a bit.

    That said, I have enjoyed this run infinitely more than the last 3 years worth of Geoff Johns issues.

  4. Kyer

    But that’s it. We are enjoying this run (some of us currently as bystanders, but still…) the Flash team has displayed that they know what they are doing. If they have a plan that figures in ANY of the old Flash family, why *not* give them a go? They did a good job with Barry’s design. As long as the ‘lines’ don’t get filled with any ink or color darker than a mid gray I don’t mind them all that much. (The only thing that truly bugs me with the JL collars is that different personalities from varied cultures somehow managed to create the same style? Yeah.) The ring/costume ejection method is a good one.

    I would have liked to see Manupal’s ideas for the costumes of Jay Garrick, Wally West, Max Mercury, Jessie Quick, and (and why not?) Johnny Quick. Add Bart should the Teen Titans fail. They wouldn’t even all have to be in the same local (just like in the original stories) because these are/were *speedsters* for God’s sake….a run out for Chinese takeout actually meant a run out for *Chinese* takeout.

    But no…Gawd (DC Ed) has spoken that this is Not Viable and left the Flash Family to die in The Flood of 52 Reigns.

    Crap. -_-;;


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