Injustice: Flash Banner at E3

Flash on E3 Banner - Injustice: Gods Among Us

The Flash appears on a banner at E3 for the upcoming video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Photo by Wayne Sung, a friend of mine from way back who’s working on breaking into the gaming industry.


3 thoughts on “Injustice: Flash Banner at E3

  1. Kyer


    Please tell me I’m not the only one looking at that Flash and seeing a female.

    I’m not kidding….maybe its the lines on the front, but his waist looks rather tapered while at the same time his thighs are curved outwards…
    Maybe the Injustice is a gender bending ray?

  2. Kyer

    Yeah…the other pic with him standing abreas…in line with Wonder Woman and whatsherface while the rest of the guys are in the back is not helping here.

    Hopefully its just that one shot that looks…off.


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