Flash #11 Cover Revealed

Over at The Source, DC has unveiled the cover for Flash #11 by Francis Manapul. The issue arrives in stores July 25.


6 thoughts on “Flash #11 Cover Revealed

  1. CraigM

    Last issue I read was #9. Is Iris still trapped in the Speed Force? That kinda looks like her on the cover here.

    1. Stephen

      She is (or was), but this cover proves that she escapes somewhere in issue #10 or #11! So happy! *does happy dance*

      1. Aedien

        I’m happy to see Iris, but I had to laugh, does anyone else feel like they’re adding fewer and fewer lines to his Flash uniform? I wasn’t too worried about it when I saw them (even though I like the streamlined look better) because I kind of figured they’d get lazy with it after awhile.

  2. Martin Gray

    I like the intensity of the colours, and the composition. And it’s not often we see Flash doing a bit of Superman-style lifting, so that’s refreshing.


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