Flash #0 Final Cover Revealed

Flash #0 Cover

DC has released the final covers for next week’s Zero issues over at The Source, including Francis Manapul’s the cover for The Flash #0 featuring the origin of Barry Allen.


4 thoughts on “Flash #0 Final Cover Revealed

  1. joeflash

    Boreing cover. The art for the flash should be sharper.! Not water color. Run, race, stop. .. Then run again.! Staccato.! The story is great.

    1. Kyer

      I think they are making the backgrounds of all the Zero issues blase in order to hi-light the main character of each book, so in that the figure of Flash is nicely rendered (as usual.)

      1. Penny Dreadful

        When I think of the Flash, I think of the wonderful art…and that’s it. Barry and his supporting cast are uninteresting. I read issue #1, browsed a couple of other issues, and don’t see the big deal. It would be different if Barry were brought back as a wonderful, promising character. But he wasn’t. Maybe one day the Flashverse will rise again, as a brilliant, inventive phoenix. But the only speedster I care about is Jay Garrick.


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