Flash #15 Cover and Solicitation: Grodd and the Speed Mind

DC has released the Justice League December solicitations, including…

Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
1:25 B&W Variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
On sale JANUARY 2 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

• Flash forward in time as Barry Allen goes to extreme measures to defeat Grodd!

• Barry uses the Speed Mind to glimpse the future, and things are not looking good for him and the Rogues.

• And that’s before things get much, much worse!


10 thoughts on “Flash #15 Cover and Solicitation: Grodd and the Speed Mind

  1. Luke

    Intriguing solicitation!

    “Flash forward in time as Barry Allen goes to extreme measures to defeat Grodd!”

    I wonder if this means that a) we as readers will get a Flash-forward to the future and see what Barry did to defeat Grodd or b) Barry himself will travel through time to defeat Grodd? Either one can work!

    After #12 and the Annual I am very excited about Gorilla Warfare. This book is top notch fun.

      1. Luke

        Eh, yes and no. It still could be either/or. Either he uses the Speed Mind to see what “extreme measure” he is going to use, or the use of the Speed Mind itself could be the “extreme measure.”

  2. Savitar

    Sounds like two separate items to me, Barry uses ‘extreme measures’ to defeat Grodd then uses his Speed Mind to see a possible future that is either a result of his ‘extreme measures’ or relates only to the Rogues and has nothing to do with Grodd.

    Another great cover. Seriously, why are none of these images being released as posters??

    1. Nick

      I swear there is a whole business not being utilized in comic-covers-as-posters. Sure, there are some, but it is usually the same few again and again.

  3. Kelson

    I just noticed it’s actually shipping the first week of January instead of the last week of December. Then I remembered that Diamond was going to skip the last week of December, so I guess it makes sense.


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