Preview Available for Flash #13

DC has released a preview of Flash #13 to Maxim. The preview pages pick up on threads in both Flash #0 and Flash Annual #1 and tease the main story coming up in Gorilla Warfare: Grodd and his army invade Central City.

Flash #13 by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato arrives in stores next week. It’s perhaps worth noting that while we’ve seen three Flash #1 issues since 2006, this is the first time one of those series has made it to #13.*

*Of course, if we’re counting issues and not issue numbers, this series hit thirteen last month, and the 2007 Wally West relaunch went for 17 issues after it picked up where the initial run left off at #231.


9 thoughts on “Preview Available for Flash #13

  1. Owen

    If we are being pedantic this series hit *fourteen* issues last month since we now have issue 12, issue zero and the annual. I am counting the annual in this because, unlike old-style annuals, it wasn’t a separate story but an extra-long episode of the current arc.


    1. Owen

      This has just reminded me of my one gripe about the current series. It doesn’t actually have arcs, because there has not yet been an end point to any of them. Instead it is just one thing after another without any break.

      The last two pages of the annual are a good example of what I mean. The story is about to end. Captain Cold is talking about family and the need to stick together. The Rogues are about to wander off to regroup or not, when BAM, enter the gorillas, and we are off again.

      I would like just once for the story to actually finish – leaving Barry to reflect / eat pizza / smile ruefully / whatever, and start a new adventure the following issue. The never ending storyline is starting to give it the feeling of a Bold and Beautiful style soap opera…

      You may disagree 🙂

      1. Kyer

        This is as old as cinema with it’s ‘cliffhangers’. It’s designed to keep you hooked so that you don’t think…”Well, that was a good story, but I think I’ll go try something else now.” It’s a very understandable business tactic.

        What’s getting me confused is that by only keeping up through the Previews I’m always going “huh?” when the actual book is said to be out; like “wasn’t that put out weeks ago?” Heh.
        Not a number counter. I can care less who had more issues, what I want are issues that I care to spend money on.

        Btw, apparently Didio shot off his mouth again at some convention and there’s a rumor that Young Justice the cartoon isn’t going to be renewed because of some legal snafus regarding Wildstorm characters and royalty dues or something.


        Entertainment legal stuff is like some of the worst family reunions I was forced to watch as a kid.

        1. Savitar

          I prefer Young & The Restless myself. 😉

          Done-In-One stories are, sadly, the rarity these days, especially given the industry’s drive for TPB sales. I don’t mind the current ongoing storyline as long as it is told well and is entertaining.

          I think this season of Young Justice is supposed to be the last although I don’t know the exact reasons behind why. What I find upsetting is that a few weeks ago, Cartoon Network debuted the last half of YJ’s second season along with the second season of Green Lantern:The Animated Series.

          Bart was still in the show, forming quite the neat friendship with Jaime Reyes, Blue Beetle. But now, due partly to CN’s ongoing celebration of their 20th anniversary, they pulled both shows from the line-up till January of next year.

          What gives? I don’t mind if you want to postpone the shows for your celebration, but don’t start showing the new episodes, getting me pulled into them, and then suddenly yank them off the air for the next few months.

          That’s rubbish, CN, pure rubbish.

          1. Owen

            I’m not in the US so I am camped miles away from the Young Justice wagons:)

            I wasn’t meaning to contrast the never-ending soap opera feel with done-in-ones, so much as serials that have a definite end. Another example: I have just sat and reread the first 22 issues of Gotham Central, an amazing series. This illustrates exactly what I mean. The first arc is 6 issues and features Mister Freeze. It has an ending, and issue 7 has the start to a new story that will turn out to feature Two-Face.

            There is no point at which anyone says “That’s it for you Freeze. Now what’s that behind me? Ohmigod! Look out, its Two Face and he’s after us!”

            The problem with this approach (which may in fact be editorially mandated and may be happening across the new 52) is that it ends up resembling pinball more than drama. And, after a while, that becomes less interesting.

        1. Owen

          I don’t think so.

          On the next to last page of issue 5 We get a concluding scene that has Manuel or a clone saying We are…Mob Rule, as he sits brooding. So yes that’s an end.

          But the next frame has Flash and Dr Elias talking about the EMP blast and by the end of the page we are into the next arc, and on the next page the issue finishes with “We’ve got to destroy the speed force!”

          So when you put the comic down you are not thinking about how the story ended. You are now thinking about how the new story will develop. I would have been happier if it had finished with Flash and Patty and the remnants of Mob Rule brooding.

          I am liking Manapul and Buccellato’s Flash a lot. I am just feeling that they should slow down sometimes to make the fast passages stand out 🙂

          1. Nick

            That is an awfully nit-picky line of thinking. If that is your beef, your complaint should be less with M&B and more with comic book storytelling for the last 30-40 years (not to mention movies and TV shows which do the exact same thing – laying a thread for a future installment to pick up from).

  2. Kyer

    Argh. I just found a Funko 3D Bookmark featuring Batman (with an ad on the back for Joker…but can’t find any info on the net for a Flash or a Superman….or anything at all, really. Really want Flash or Supes although Bats is cute enough. Got this little guy at Target (Books section) anyone seen?


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