Flash vs. Kid Flash on the Cover to Flash #21

The Flash #21

Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
1:25 B&W Variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
On sale JUNE 26 β€’ 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US β€’ RATED T
While on his path to finding the Speed Force Killer, Barry must contend with The Teen Titans! Plus, The Flash meets Kid Flash for the first time!

DC has been rolling out their June 2013 solicitations. Here’s the Justice League group at Newsarama.

Speed Force Killer? Is that someone who kills using the speed force, or someone who kills people linked to the speed force…?

Also: it looks like Flash and Kid Flash don’t get along too well at that first meeting.


18 thoughts on “Flash vs. Kid Flash on the Cover to Flash #21

  1. Kyer

    It could be the killer has a way of dampening the speed force…or that he uses it to kill (Reverse Flash.)
    I, too, am curious as to how they didn’t know the other existed (if that’s the case.) Would think that would be a ‘daily Google’ looking for other possible speed users what with all the recent superheroes popping up ‘within the past five years’ according to DC52.
    Like Devin, also have not been keeping tabs on Teen Titans. Any appropriate info that ties in would be nice if shared.
    (Also, Devin, did you ever order or receive an Artfx Flash? I’ve got mine on hold to save shipping and am wondering how it came out.)

    One thing I do know….if Teen Titans had Bart’s uniform sport white or yellowish-white eyes from the beginning I would have paid more attention. It’s still a mite busy to my eyes and I’m not keen on the forehead part beeing so high, but just changing the eye color doesn’t make him look like a creepy villain! πŸ™‚ Thumbs up on that cover art.

    1. Kyer

      If you don’t mind I’m going to save that pic. Going to save it with the caption: “Bart goes after Barry in regards to Wally.” meheheh

    2. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

      Yeah those red eyes looked really, really off. White is definitely the way to go.

      As far as ArtFx Flash I’m waiting on ordering him too. I’ve just began to expand into the rest of the DC Universe as far as collecting action figures and I’m trying to get all the ones that
      1) I know DC Collectibles won’t bother making
      2) Haven’t changed much since the New 52 so it won’t matter if I have an older figure.
      3) DC Collectibles won’t get to for a long time with their extremely light action figure release schedule. What ever happened to waves?

      But yeah I’m waiting until I’ve gotten all of the rarer, important characters out of the way and then I’m slowly going back and filling in all the cheaper figures while simultaneously picking up the DC Collectibles New 52 action figure releases.

      1. Kyer

        For the most part I really like the Artfx. Even considered Diana, but ended up just getting Flash and Aquaman because of price and I liked the Supes from the DCC collection pack better. Also ordered Domo Flash and an Eaglemoss Nightwing (because I want a blue/black Nightwing, dangit!) Wish I could have afforded the blue Domo Batman. If they make a nice statue/figure of Bart with white eye lenses I’ll go for it, but would really love to see that Smallville Jay Garrick done. I honestly like that look on him better than any other.
        Probably I’m dreaming though. What are the odds they’ll do that?

        1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

          Nice. I got the recent Arkham City Nightwing action figure to fill in the space for Nightwing until a red/black New 52 one is made. I too prefer the blue/black for Nightwing but I prefer red/black as a personal color combination. Brett Booth’s recent soft redesign of Nightwing’s red/black suit is also pretty solid. The accents are a great touch.

          I still have to order Domo Flash too but I figure there are a ton of those to go around.

          1. Kyer

            Gah. I meant to specify the single pack DC Supes…with the windswept hair and bit of a cocky smile.
            Been viewing other people’s collections and feel like one of those Despicable Me minions ogling a banana: “Ouooooo…pretteh…” 8)

  2. married guy

    Bart is from the future.
    Members of the Legion recognised him when they met.
    Apparently Bart is a villian in the 25th century as Timber Wolf wanted to tear him a new hole.

    1. Kyer

      Bart is a…..? : @

      No… Nonononono! They’ve mixed him up with the Prof Zoom /Thawne jackass?! Now I’m going to have to skip whatever trade # this is put in. I don’t ever want to see Bart that way unless it was a temporary spell by Abracadabra or something else Not.His.Fault.
      Now I gotta go look this up in Wikipedia to find out just how severely pissed off at DC52 I truly am.

      1. Kyer

        Went searching and could find very little on DC52 Bart. (Did get the impression that the TT book is not well liked.) There was a scan where he denies the path of villainy, yet as I recall that book also had references to an earlier Teen Titans group before Editorial made them retcon it or something.
        Very frustrating search attempt.

    1. Kyer

      i really dislike the idea of a hero turning bad (permanently.) Bad guy to hero, yes. I’m hopelessly biased that way. πŸ™‚
      Here’s hoping Bart stays…well, as much as like Bart as I remember Impulse.


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