This Week: Smallville, Shade TP, Earth 2, Presidential Race

The Shade TPBFlash-related comics out this week:

Earth 2 #10 begins “The Tower of Fate.”

Smallville Season 11 #11 continues “Haunted,” the four-parter guest-starring Impulse. Jay Garrick also guest-stars in this issue as Bart and Superman seek to unravel the mystery of the Black Flash. The next digital chapter arrives on Friday.

The Shade miniseries from 2011-2012 is collected in trade paperback. The Shade has come a long way since his origins as a Golden Age Flash villain. (Note: This technically takes place in the New 52 continuity, but off in a corner such that it could easily share a universe with James Robinson’s Starman.)

In digital backissues, ComiXology takes a break from their regular schedule, and has jumped ahead a few issues to release Flash #120-121, the two-part “Presidential Race” featuring Wally West and Pied Piper vs. The Top.