This Week’s Digital Flashbacks: Chain Lightning Part 4 & Impulse

Flash #148 (Chain Lightning Part 4)

The Flash doesn’t star in any new comics this week, but ComiXology has added two new backissues to their digital library:

Flash #148: “Chain Lightning” Part 4 – More and more future speedsters join the fight as today’s Flashes travel through the next thousand years to battle Cobalt Blue. But one Flash remains: does Wally West dare risk contacting Barry Allen?

Impulse #72: Forces unknown kidnap Carol, and Max Mercury battles an enemy from a former lifetime. Major changes are afoot in this lead-in to “Dark Tomorrow.”


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Digital Flashbacks: Chain Lightning Part 4 & Impulse

  1. Kyer

    With which Impulse issue # did the book stop being humorous? It looks like I’ll eventually have to go digital during dollar sales to get the better half of that series in a better resolution than old floppies loaded with ads. Can always C&P then print out favorite scenes on good photo paper.

  2. Kelson Post author

    I don’t know about “stopped,” but around the time Todd Dezago took over with #50, it went from went from mostly-humorous with occasional seriousness to a mix of serious long stories and humorous one-shots.

    Let me just say that despite the timing, I wouldn’t blame Dezago for the change. He does write some funny issues, and he’s the writer on Perhapanauts, after all.

    Mark Waid has remarked on a shift in editorial from “sitcom first, superhero second” to superhero first, and I recall Dezago discussing his frustration with editorial dictates (giving Bart new powers TWICE, getting rid of parts of the supporting cast, dropping multiple crossovers and events on them to prevent building momentum, etc.)

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