This Week: Grodd in Villains Month, Impulse at War

Villains Month Grodd CoverIt’s villains month at DC Comics, and the first of three Flash villain one-shots arrives this week.

Also, Forever Evil #1 won’t have the Flash in it, but it will have the Earth-3 speedster Johnny Quick.

Flash #23.1: Grodd #1. Grodd returns in the Flash’s absence, changed by his time in the speed force. Nerdist has a preview of the issue by Brian Buccellato and Chris Batista.

In digital back-issues:

Impulse #77: An “Our Worlds at War” tie-in. Impulse and Young Justice take the war to Apokalips, but when one of Bart’s “speed duplicates” is killed, the psychic feedback takes him out of commission.

(Note that Bart only gained this power a few issues earlier. I seem to recall reading an interview with Todd Dezago saying that the new power was editorially mandated, and he and the artists didn’t want to clutter up the concept, so they gave Bart a reason to stop using it as soon as they could.)