This Week: Triple Flash in Dark Digital Danger

No new Flash comics this week, but DC is adding one more to its digital backissue catalog: The Flash #156 featuring three Flashes in peril!

The Dark Flash battles Replicant in the main timeline. In Walter West’s alternate timeline, Walter and Wally fight each other and Abra Kadabra…and we learn the true origin of the Dark Flash.

Mark Waid & Brian Augustyn, Paul Pelletier & Jose Marzan Jr, cover by Steve Lightle.

Flash #156 (Dark Flash Saga)


4 thoughts on “This Week: Triple Flash in Dark Digital Danger

    1. Scarlet Speedster

      Yeah that suit was pretty awesome. If Wally came back into continuity wearing a suit like that(or maybe gold in place of the silver), I wouldn’t mind!

    1. Scarlet Speedster

      Oh heck yeah! It’d look great standing next to Matty Collector Wally & DCUC Kid Flash. Then we’d have all three incarnations of Wall West!

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