This Week: Dark Flash Returns to Digital (Plus a Flash/Superman Race)

It looks like DC Comics’ digital Flash back-issues are back on track, with Flash #157 available on Wednesday. With Wally and Linda apparently gone, Abra Kadabra recruits Replicant and sends him after Walter West. The rest of the speedsters have a plan…but what does the Reverse Flash have to do with it all?

After this there are only two issues left of the Dark Flash saga (it wraps in #159), and then one more issue by Waid and Augustyn (#161, an epilogue in which disasters seem to follow everywhere Wally and Linda try to honeymoon). Two one-shots fill in the gap before Geoff Johns’ run begins with #163.

Update: As Wayne points out in the comments below, DC has also released Adventures of Superman #463, the first race between Wally West and Superman from way back in 1990. (Superman/Flash races are a looong tradition.)

Adventures of Superman #463


4 thoughts on “This Week: Dark Flash Returns to Digital (Plus a Flash/Superman Race)

  1. Kyer

    I’m still angry that digital is the death knell for them ever making trades of the Wally/Flash stories other than the Geoff Johns ones (more than 2/3rds of which I found inferior to the Waid and Messner/Loeb tales.) Still haven’t touched digital.
    Maybe if they have a really, really good sell on them during the (if it ever appears) Flash movie promotion then I’d buy some of my favorite stories so I could print out my best loved scenes.
    Would rather have physical paper even if it does cost me more.

  2. Wayne Lippa

    Don’t forget about the digital release of Adventures of Superman #463 (from 1990), when Superman races Wally West (for the first time, I think)!

    1. Kelson Post author

      I can’t believe I missed that! I guess that’s what I get for skimming for “Flash” and “Impulse” rather than actually reading the whole list.

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