This Week: Earth 2, Forever Evil, Impulse

Flash comics out this week:

EARTH 2 #17 seems to really be focusing on Superman and Batman these days.

Forever Evil #3 may or may not involve the Flash, but is likely to feature Johnny Quick.

Digital backissues have been focusing on Impulse lately. It’s been a month since the last Flash issue was added. I’m hoping that DC will actually finish reissuing the Dark Flash Saga. There’s some room for doubt, since they actually skipped the last few parts of Race Against Time. Maybe they’re pushing to wrap Impulse completely (it ends with #89), then go back to the Flash each week?

Anyway, Impulse #82 hits, with Bart’s school becoming infested with monsters projected by a troubled classmate.


8 thoughts on “This Week: Earth 2, Forever Evil, Impulse

  1. Kyer

    I had a feeling this would happen the moment they said that Superman and (especially) Batman would be making a reappearance in Earth 2. Which brings up this question: Does DC even refer to itself as DC *Universe* anymore? Or is it strictly DC 52…soon to be DC 02?

    1. Kelson Post author

      The Flash/Impulse schedule used to be really regular, to the point where I could prewrite these parts and wait for confirmation before posting, but lately I have no idea what to expect.

  2. James

    Yeah, major things for Len and company this week in FOREVER EVIL — but I’ll hold off on commenting until Kelson posts his review.

  3. James

    There’s a development that will impact ROGUES’ REBELLION — and consequently the Rogues moving forward.

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