Rogues Rebellion #2 Preview is Up

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2Crave Online has a preview of Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2, due in stores next Wednesday. The issue by Brian Buccellato and Scott Hepburn has some overlap with Forever Evil #3, and beware: there are spoilers for that issue in the description at the top of the page.


2 thoughts on “Rogues Rebellion #2 Preview is Up

  1. Kyer

    *find something nice…*
    Um… Like that Cold and the Rogues have -some- standards of decency? Sorry. Not my thing.

    Not to whine, but….
    When will Forever Evil be oh-verrrrrr?

  2. HypFlicker

    morals, shmorals, they’re entertaining. at least to me they are.

    can’t say the same about the art thou, or forever evil


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