This Week: Forever Evil Wraps, Digital Crossfire, M.P.H.

The conclusion to Forever Evil finally arrives this week, along with the associated issues of Justice League.

Digital backissues add Flash vol.2 #188, the conclusion to “Crossfire.” Everything’s been building to this, as Wally West and his allies take on the Thinker and the Rogues for the fate of two cities!

And in other speedster news, this week sees the the first issue of Mark Millar and Duncan Fegredo’s M.P.H., a miniseries about a Detroit teenager who gains super-speed.


1 thought on “This Week: Forever Evil Wraps, Digital Crossfire, M.P.H.

  1. scott timms

    Forever evil, even though it took forever, was AMAZING I thought. I love what they did with Dick just wish it wasn’t ruined with a solicitation for dick grayson new book. Anti monitor are you freaking kidding me and who was that talking on the side!!! Love
    the depth they r giving Luthor ( maybe its been there all along I dont read much super man besides justice league).

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