A New Kid Flash in Teen Titans / Future’s End

Teen Titans Five Years Later

Also among the Futures End covers revealed today: Teen Titans, by Karl Kerschl (Wednesday Comics: The Flash and Teen Titans Year One). And if a future Wally West wasn’t enough, the “after” team lineup includes what looks to be a new Kid Flash… though her costume looks a bit reminiscent of Speed Freak, a member of the alternate-reality Love Syndicate of Dreamworld who appeared in Grant Morrison’s “Second Crisis” way back in Animal Man #23 (1990).

Also, it looks like we’ve got Lagoon Boy, Klarion the Witch Boy, not sure about the figure in the back, and up front…um…the Tattooine representative of Batman, Inc.?


9 thoughts on “A New Kid Flash in Teen Titans / Future’s End

  1. James

    The ‘Tatooine Batman’ is the Heretic — an insane clone of Damien Wayne introduced late in Grant Morrison’s BATMAN INC. run.

    Talia al Ghul killed the clone, but as nobody stays dead anymore…

  2. lightspeed

    Considering that this new Kid Flash is blonde, female and has a costume reminiscent of the Crime Sydnicate’s Johnny Quick…could this be Jesse Quick?

  3. Kyer

    Also hopes that is Jesse even if no interest in reading this. Well, as long as she’s lucky enough to still ‘Jessie’. Also hope she ditches those foot clompers for something a bit less clunky looking. The rest is fine (I guess), but those shoes look like something left over at a thrift store (because even on deep discount days nobody wanted them.)

    Words cannot express how far my jaw dropped upon seeing Tatooine-Bat. They are aware that Disney now owns Star Wars as well as Marvel? Heh. (yeeeesh)
    Can not picture that character swinging from a Bat cel line. Falling off a building and hauling the line with him to the next building and then climbing up with it, sure. But if they try to draw him doing Nightwings in the air I’m going to laugh myself silly.

  4. Scott Timms

    Ok not a huge fan of this, but it would be hypocritical to not “give it a chance”. I thought Wally would be in the New Teen Titans. I want a Kid Flash CONNECTED to Flash by more than name. It bothered me N52 Bart Allen had no connection to Barry besides a stated family relation. Anyways, bring on the Fresh Ill try it out DC. How long is Futures End gonna last?


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