Interview Round-Up: Venditti & Jensen, Waid, Gustin & More

Lots of interviews over the last few weeks, both on The Flash and on some of the creator-owned projects by current and past Flash writers.

Current Flash Creative Team & TV Show

Brian Buccellato and Sons of the Devil

Sons of the Devil is psychological thriller about the survivors of a cult massacre coming together years later, told across a short film and a comic book series.

The Kickstarter for Sons of the Devil runs through June 18.

Van Jensen and The Leg

The Leg is a graphic novel about the disembodied leg of Santa Anna going on a quest to save Mexico. If it sounds weird, remember that Van Jensen also did Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer.

The Leg has been funded at the initial target level, and they’re trying to raise additional funds for a Spanish translation. The Kickstarter wraps on June 4.

Mark Waid, Empire and Thrillbent

Empire tells the story of what happens after a villain succeeds in taking over the world. Holding onto it isn’t quite the same as conquering…

Empire vol.2 launched this week on Thrillbent and is available as part of the $3.99/month subscription for the whole site. Subscribers also get a PDF of the long-out-of-print Empire Vol.1.


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  1. Scott Timms

    Speed interviews! Great job this is a ton to chew through! Well done and Kelson #speedsterinterviews


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