Flash #34 Selfie Variant Cover

Flash selfie

DC is doing a line-wide month of selfie variant covers in August, and Newsarama has posted the latest batch. This is the Flash #34 cover (click on the image for the full size), and it’s by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira. I think it’s really fun, as are a lot of these! What do you guys think?


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6 thoughts on “Flash #34 Selfie Variant Cover

  1. Kyer

    Is some part of the cover cut off? Only that as shown there it just looks like a regular picture of Flash beating Superman at a race, with Flash’s arm stretched out of frame as he runs. Nothing spectacular.
    Nice grin on his face though.

    1. tako

      He’s holding an out-of-frame camera. What you see as the cover is what would be a camera’s capture.

      He’s taking a picture of himself.

      It’s a selfie.

      Get t?

      1. Kyer

        Oh I got it from the get go. It’s just that (save for the blinding smile) it looks too much like a regular cover. To compare, my favorite is the one for Aquaman as that -definitely- was not a scene I’d expect to see on a regular cover. 🙂


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