This Week: Flash #33 (Preview)

Flash #33

The Flash #33 arrives in stores tomorrow, and there’s a preview at Nerdist.

The only thing hurtling our way faster than San Diego Comic-Con is The Flash in this brand new exclusive preview of DC Comics’ The Flash #33 by Robert Venditti, Norm Rapmund, and Brett Booth. Because one timeline wasn’t enough danger and derring-do for our hero, issue #33 finds Barry Allen in the past about to be murdered by the very killer he’s hunting down. Meanwhile, Future Flash is fighting Future Trickster for the fate of his fair city, but the question remains: is Flash fast enough to save both timelines and prevent his future from being erased? Only time will tell, but this exclusive preview is a fantastic place to start.


4 thoughts on “This Week: Flash #33 (Preview)

  1. Kyer

    Racial changes (now Iris West too?!) and….yow…funhouse art. Barry looks drawn–and I don’t mean pen and ink. Iris’s beautiful red hair is gone as well as her peach skin. Everyone looks…awful.
    At least the previews didn’t show more not!Wally. That was a blessing for me.
    But, yeah, my interest in DC has nose-dived into the ground with today’s previews.

    1. Kelson Post author

      1. Iris’ skin looks like Barry’s, and her hair has traditionally been brown, so I’m not sure where you get the idea that her race is changing in the comics.

      2. That said, if it *really* bothers you so much that these characters aren’t white in every single incarnation, I don’t think the problem is with DC.

    2. Nick!

      “not!Wally” is probably the dumbest term I’ve ever read, especially in regards to a reboot. Seriously, I think I’m dumber for reading it.

  2. Scott Timms

    What could of made your interest I’m DC take a nose dive in that preview? Iris hasn’t been red haired or peach skinned in the new 52. Seriously, u get so negative about it some times. Whats the fun of fandom when ur down about it all the time? Bret Booth has been doing very well with the art. If it is terrible I’ll tell u tomorrow, but I haven’t hated an issue yet. Don’t be so hard on the fastest man alive and his merry band of writers/artists. Side bar..Booth is seriously doing an amazing job, and as much as I want the writing to draw people in, I think art gets em and writing keeps em.

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