Keystone Kops in Gotham Central Sale at ComiXology

Gotham Central 29While the announcement makes no mention of the “Gotham” TV show launching soon, ComiXology is running a Gotham Central sale with over 100 issues of the series and other Batman books discounted to 99 cents each. That includes the 4-part “Keystone Cops” story in Gotham Central #28-31, which sees Detectives Montoya and Allen pursuing a case to Keystone City and the captive Dr. Alchemy, who may be the source of a bizarre chemical weapon used on a Gotham City police officer. Keystone City Detectives Chyre and Morillo and Rogue profiler Ashley Zolomon guest star as well.

With any luck there will be a Flash sale in the coming weeks as well, especially since DC stopped releasing the 1987-2008 series without finishing it. (Most of the Geoff Johns/Howard Porter run is missing, plus for issues of Waid/Augustyn).


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