FLASH MOVIE Coming in 2018 with Ezra Miller

For the longest time, I wondered whether I’d rather see a Flash movie or a Flash TV show.

As plans for a Flash movie languished in development hell, I started noticing patterns in the big-budget Batman, Superman, X-Men, Spider-Man, and finally Avengers and Green Lantern films, and I realized I’d rather have a TV show.  I’d sacrifice the spectacle and scope of a movie to get a new story every week for 20 weeks out of the year. I’d rather get the origin out of the way and get to see lots of different villains, instead of one movie with an origin story, then if it does well enough a second movie with two villains shoehorned in together, and a third movie with as many villains as they could cram in because between audience drop-off and the stars getting too expensive/old for the part, they know this is it until someone comes along to reboot the series.

So I was actually quite happy (though extremely cautious) when they announced a Flash TV series last summer instead of a movie. Now that TV show is here, we’re two episodes in and it seems to be a hit.

Today, Warner Bros. announced a new slate of films with 10 DC-inspired movies through 2020.

And for the first time ever, I don’t have to choose between a Flash movie or a TV show.

The schedule announced includes:

2016: Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad.
2017: Wonder Woman — yes, Wonder Woman! — and Justice League
2018: Flash and Aquaman.
2019: Shazam and Justice League 2
2020: Cyborg and Green Lantern.

Newsarama speculates on a March 23, 2018 opening date based on previously-reserved dates.

Warner Bros. also announced that Ezra Miller will be playing the Flash, and confirmed Jason Momoa as Aquaman. I’m not familiar with Miller, but before anyone complains that he looks too young based on his IMDB headshot, keep in mind it was taken six years ago and the movie is scheduled for four years from now.

It’s been stated before that the DC cinematic and television universes will be separate, and casting different actors confirms it. (Unless they pull a fast one on us and it turns out he’s playing Bart.) That’s not unprecedented – Superman Returns came out during Smallville’s run, after all. And the more I think about it, it’s probably a good idea to let the TV show do what TV series do well — tell lots of stories, sometimes connected, sometimes stand-alone, with time to develop a wide cast of characters — and let the movies focus on the spectacle that works best on the big screen.  (And based on the way Season 1 of S.H.I.E.L.D. had to spin its wheels until it could pull the big reveal without spoiling Captain America 2, allowing them to each go their own way without interference is probably best.)

I know I shouldn’t get too excited — I mean, they announced a Flash movie back in 2004 and it went through multiple scripts, writers and directors before stalling entirely  — but after two episodes of the TV show, it’s hard not to feel optimistic about the Flash’s chances.


40 thoughts on “FLASH MOVIE Coming in 2018 with Ezra Miller

  1. Nick!

    Ezra Miller is an…unexpected choice. He is a decent enough actor (Perks of Being a Wallflower is pretty great); I just would never have pegged him for a superhero actor. Based on previous credits, I see him more as Wally than as Barry.

  2. JAMES

    YES!!! I have been hoping a Flash movie would show up on the big screen soon. Let us hope it is made well. I cannot take anymore Wolverine movies. Nolan’s Batman and MoS were a breath of fresh air for me, but DC needs to focus on the other members of the JL and other popular characters as well.

  3. Lia

    Barely heard of Ezra Miller before (I think I’m getting old), but I’m hyped for Flash and Suicide Squad films! I’m oddly excited by the prospect of live-action movie Captain Boomerang.

  4. Kyer

    Please tell me that actor is going to be Bart and not Barry (or Wally or Jay or John Fox.) He looks 16 in that photo. What is it with DC casting really, really young dark haired actors for roles that should be a grown, blond guy? I even thought it was a girl for a moment.

    Ah well. At least I’m no longer in the position to be gravely disappointed by anything DC. But dang it, blond isn’t my favorite hair color, but is there some sort of ban on it going around?

  5. veronica

    I hope that this is is a joke I honestly do. I enjoyed The Perks of Being a Wallflower, But Miller comes across as a weirdo and a flake. He is not the Flash.

  6. TheFlash1990

    This is the worst casting choice I’ve ever seen for a superhero movie. You’re telling me NOBODY fit Barry better than this guy in Hollywood? What a joke. This guy couldn’t be further from any Flash. Sickening. What is wrong with WB/DC when it comes to movies? Why does only Marvel get it right on film and Bruce Timm in animation?

    Well I’ll gladly take what’s on the CW over this. Looks like the best we’re going to get….and looking at this, I’m totally okay with that.

    1. veronica

      ‘Well I’ll gladly take what’s on the CW over this. Looks like the best we’re going to get….and looking at this, I’m totally okay with that.’

      –I agree, I loved the second episode. My take is that Hollywood is not taking the part of the Flash seriously. The initial introduction and portrayal of Barry Allen on Arrow and the casting of Miller shows me that they just want to use the character as comic relief. He’s just going to be reduced to being a clown the same way he was in Justice League.

    1. TheFlash1990

      Well I’m still not impressed with Gadot, I think she’s terrible and there are many better choices than her in Hollywood, known and unknown, for the part. I think she’s a terrible actress and has no real personality or charisma to her as a person, physically resembles a pool cue in terms of curves, and can barely speak English. The only thing she has in common with Wonder Woman is that they both have high cheek bones. They’ve wanted to make the movie JL a super powered United Nations went the rumors last year, and the casting seems to be tailored to that more so than finding actors and actresses who are appropriate for and embody the part. I didn’t like her photoshopped costume reveal, either, all the reds are browns and she looked more like Xena than Wonder Woman, I would rather them lean towards the “classic, iconic” look for Wonder Woman over some alternate, post modern take.

      Everyone always loves to bring up Heath Ledger and Michael Keaton but not every “off the wall” casting decision is a Heath Ledger or Michael Keaton. Sometimes they’re just bad ideas…like Nicolas Cage, Will Smith, and Sean Penn as Superman or Damon Wayans as Robin. This is the same studio that thought they were some great ideas too and not much has changed as far as their thinking. At least Ledger was masculine. He was even more masculine in Brokeback Mountain than this guy they be cast as Flash is.

      Not every off the wall choice is a good idea and not every actor, regardless of range, is right for the part. I don’t want to see Daniel Day Lewis as Luke Cage, no matter how great an actor he is or how impressive his body of work is, same principle applies here.

      Somehow though I get the feeling that if Dennis Rodman were cast as Shazam tomorrow, not five comments down would be some guy comparing his casting to Heath Ledger’s and Michael Keaton’s.

      1. Scott Timms

        I hear what your saying, but Gal Gadot I think is a GREAT choice. She is an ex Israeli soldier and a super model..thats pretty much all I need to know.

        1. TheFlash1990

          All Israelis have to go in the military and serve a mandatory amount of time when they reach a certain age so that doesn’t make her anything special really…unless she can lift a car or fly it doesn’t after what military training she has…they train all the actors for combat scenes in the movies anyway. Yes, she is a supermodel but she is so super freaking thin (yes, I know that’s how many are supposed to look…but it’s not exactly how Wonder Woman is…at all). I think Megan Gale who was cast as her in Justice League Mortal, who was also a supermodel, was a much better choice and easily resembled Diana in the face waaaay more than Gadot does. But Gadot’s casting looks great compared to this guy as Flash. I just don’t see how they can continue to muck it up so much with the movies there at DC/WB. It’s like they really don’t get it and don’t care.

      2. Nick!

        The examples of bad off-the-wall casting choices you give are disingenuous. Those movies were never made (and in the case of Smith and Penn, were never even cast), so we will never know the results of if they worked or not. You can make the same claims for fan-favorite casting choices, such as Chris Pine, and calling them terrible choices. For a counter example, George Clooney should have been the prefect Batman.

        Could Miller be terrible? Absolutely. But he could also be good. It is waaaaaaaaaay to early to tell. Plus, we don’t even know which Flash he is even playing yet!

  7. Scott Timms

    Can they please bleach this dudes hair, or CGI some blonde hair on em? Not crazy about the choice, but its cause I really wanted Chris Pine (Kirk AND Flash!!!). VIVA Flash!!!

    1. TheFlash1990

      Chris Pine would’ve been perfect. Ryan Gosling would’ve worked…Sam Claflin, Charlie Hunnam, Scott Porter…. so many people would’ve been better choices than the guy they cast.

      1. veronica

        ‘Sam Claflin, Charlie Hunnam’

        –I agree. They are great choices, with the youth and gravitas to portray Barry Allen. I don’t know whose farcical idea it was to even consider Miller.

  8. John

    I will admit that when I first heard that Ezra was cast to play the Flash I was not happy at all. But then I considered what they might go for in the movies considering the flash along with other DC movies will be part of a Justice League series. I relate Wally West to the Justice League more so than Barry Allen. Ezra may fit the part of Wally pretty good and considering the new 52 represenration of Wally this is most likely what we will see.

    I didn’t like the casting of Grant Gustin ad Barry but after a couple episodes I was sold. He has done and excellent job. I guess it’s always possible that Barry could still be part of the movies and if they explain Wallys’ origin then Barry would be necessary. My biggest concern with having Barry on TV and Wally in the movies is the non-comic readers. They may get confused why the flash has 2 different names so it will be very important to explain the relation of Barry/Wally.

    We all just need to be positive and hope for the best. Ezra is a great actor. And we have a few years. He will be older and it is likely he will be required to beef up a bit for the part, not to mention the makeup and effects they will use to make him “look” the part. Consider the guy playing captain america. Remember him from the fantastic four movies? Yeah he didn’t look the part back then but he does now.


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