Flash #37 Preview: Trapped in the Speed Force / Iris Investigates

Flash #37The Flash #37 is out next week, and CBR has a preview of the issue. Present-day Barry Allen meets more people trapped in the timeless world of the speed force, while back on Earth Iris West’s investigative reporting uncovers a shocking surprise. And that doesn’t even get to the “all-new, all-murderous Flash” promised by the solicitation text.

Story by Robert Venditti and Van Jensen, art by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund and Andrew Dalhouse. Cover by Booth/Rapmund/Dalhouse, variant cover by Darwyn Cooke. Speaking of which…

Flash #37 Darwyn Cooke Variant


1 thought on “Flash #37 Preview: Trapped in the Speed Force / Iris Investigates

  1. Jesse

    Look at how clear and beautiful that Cooke cover is compared to the regular one. I can’t even tell what’s going on in that one.


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