Massive Flash 500 Sale at ComiXology

Flash 500 Sale (ComiXology)

To celebrate the Flash’s 75th Anniversary, DC and ComiXology are holding a gigantic sale with ~500 digital comics at 99¢ each — including many that are new to the digital backlist!

  • Flash (New 52 series) starring Barry Allen: complete including annuals, zero, etc.
  • Flash (1959) starring Barry Allen: 74 issues including #105-155 and scattered issues later in the run, 21 of which are newly digitized this week.
  • Flash (1987) starring Wally West: complete run (they’ve finally filled in the missing 5 issues from #226-230), not including annuals
  • Flash (2010) starring Barry Allen: complete run.
  • Flash: Rebirth
  • Flash: The Fastest Man Alive starring Bart Allen complete run (first time online)
  • Flashpoint, Citizen Cold, Kid Flash Lost and Reverse Flash.
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths
  • Flash: Season Zero set in the TV continuity (which, to be honest, is already 99¢ an issue)
  • JLA: Year One
  • Flash/Green Lantern: Brave and the Bold starring Barry Allen and Hal Jordan (new online)
  • Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion
  • Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge (new online)
  • Blackest Night: The Flash

Plus scattered single issues, some of them newly available digitally, including:

  • Flash Comics #1 (first appearance of Jay Garrick)
  • Showcase #4 (first appearance of Barry Allen)
  • All the Superman/Flash races
  • The “Dead Heat” crossover issues of Impulse
  • Flash Plus Nightwing
  • The first arc of the New 52 Justice League
  • The Legends of the DC Universe 3-parter starring Barry Allen (a great melding of the CSI and superhero sides of his life)
  • Secret Origins issues featuring the Rogues and the Flash
  • Speed Force
  • Flash Spectacular 1978
  • Team-up issues of DC Comics Presents, Brave and the Bold, and Booster Gold (including the issue that IIRC is the source of the Rainbow Raider “I believe in me!” panel).

There’s so much stuff here, and so much new stuff, that I can’t get too upset at them for not adding more Golden Age comics even though the Flash whose 75th anniversary is being celebrated is Jay Garrick. (They did at least make a point of including some of his guest spots in the Silver Age collection.)

The sale runs through March 16. Check it out – if you want to read some classic (or recent) Flash comics, now’s a good time to look.

Update: ComicsAlliance has a list of recommendations, since you probably don’t have a spare $495 lying around to buy the full set. Though somehow they left out Flash #54, “Nobody Dies.”


3 thoughts on “Massive Flash 500 Sale at ComiXology

  1. SuperFlash

    I could not find issue 276 in the app. I really wish I had it too. DC did make an issue 276, right? Since in issue 275 Iris dies and Barry starts to investigate who was responsible for her death at the costume party, it would make sense that issue 276 exists. Any help on where it is would be appreciated.

    1. Kelson Post author

      They don’t have the entire series up yet. They started with highlights, and more recently they’ve been working their way up from the beginning, a few issues a week. They also added a lot more highlights from later in the run at the start of this sale.

      It’ll be up eventually, though it’s hard to say what schedule DC will follow. Could be 3/week, 2/week or 1/week, and you can be sure at some point they’ll do another big sale that drops a bunch more issues into the system.


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