Morrison/Millar Flash Hardcover in 2016

Flash #130 square (Emergency Stop)Amazon has a listing for The Flash by Grant Morrison & Mark Millar, a hardcover collection coming in April 2016. Morrison and Millar co-wrote one year of Wally West’s series back in 1998-1999, while Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn took time out to do JLA: Year One. Paul Ryan and John Nyberg did the art on the first few stories, with Pop Mhan and Chris Ivy taking over for the final story, “The Black Flash.” Steve Lightle did the covers for the full run.

The timing is undoubtedly related to Morrison’s upcoming Multiversity Too: The Flash OGN.

Back when the softcover collection was announced, this site’s very first news post (after the “Welcome!” article) featured a quick run-down of the contents:

The stories had a much more sci-fi take on the character than had been seen since the Silver Age, and included:

Emergency Stop (#130-132): The Flash finds his own dead body, sent back in time from the future, and has to solve his own murder. Introduced The Suit, the ultimate super-villain costume that came to life, draining those who wore it.

Flash Through the Looking Glass (#133), battling the Mirror Master.

Still Life in the Fast Lane (#134): A spotlight on Jay Garrick, the original Flash, as he fills in for an injured Wally West.

Three of a Kind (#135): Part of a crossover with Green Lantern and Green Arrow, in which the youngest members of the Justice League try to take a vacation…only to find a trio of super-villains is on the same cruise.

The Human Race (#136-138): Wally must compete in a galactic race against his childhood imaginary friend, Krakkl of the planet Kwyzz. If he loses, Earth is destroyed. If he wins, Krakkl’s homeworld is destroyed.

The Black Flash (#139-141): Death comes to everyone, even speedsters… but this time, Death takes the wrong target. Introduced the Black Flash, who featured prominently on the cover of last year’s cover for Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13 (remember those Dead Flash Covers?).

Hat tip to @LeeHiley for spotting the link!


4 thoughts on “Morrison/Millar Flash Hardcover in 2016

  1. Kyer

    I WANT!!!!
    Have all those stories in their trade format back when I first discovered Wally. Mostly Amazon, but some Target. Love all the tales even if the art wasn’t terribly great. The Black Flash was especially creepy back when I thought he was a humanoid animal specter rather than an actual human. (Really, making it clear BF was a former living human really as a downer.) Krakkl was lovely. Was enthralled by the mystery of the Dead Wally/Flash and how that could be.
    Oh, I WANT THIS SO VERY MUCH! The only thing I want more are the stories that were never made into trades in the first place. The fact that this will be a hardbound book….strawberry on the pie! I WANT THIS! Did I say want this, because I WANT THIS!

  2. Mark

    Worried about this because Amazon’s listing has it ending at 138, discounting the Black Flash story. Hopefully the that’s just an oversight

    1. Kelson Post author

      Uh-oh…I hope that’s an error, because it would be a real shame to leave out the run’s most lasting contribution to the mythos just because Morrison’s name isn’t in the credits.


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