Digital Discount on Morrison/Millar Flash

ComiXology is doing a major discount sale on comics by Grant Morrison this week, including two collections of Flash covering 12 issues from 1998-1999 co-written by Morrison and Mark Millar with art by Paul Ryan and Pop Mhan. Emergency Stop and The Human Race are available for $4.99 each (down from $10.99).

In addition to the two title stories (in which Wally faces a sentient supervillain costume, solves his own murder, and races against his childhood imaginary friend for the fate of the Earth), they also include a Mirror Master story, a Jay Garrick solo story, the story introducing the Black Flash (a manifestation of death for speedsters), a courtroom drama guest-starring Green Lantern and Green Arrow, and an updated version of Flash of Two Worlds set in the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths timeline.