This Week’s Flash Backissue: Iris’ Parents and Robo-Lincoln

DC is going through one of the goofier eras of Flash comics in their digital backlist. This week they’ve added Flash #210, in which Barry and Iris travel to the distant future to visit Iris’ birth parents (in the comics she discovers that she’s adopted, and was sent back in time to the 20th century as a baby). After a devastating war, Earth-West has decided the best way to rebuild is to appoint a robotic duplicate of Abraham Lincoln as President. Enemies from Earth-East send a robotic duplicate of John Wilkes Booth to assassinate him.

Wrestling is involved.

Flash #210: Robo-Lincoln vs. Robo-Booth


3 thoughts on “This Week’s Flash Backissue: Iris’ Parents and Robo-Lincoln

  1. Fraser

    Murphy Anderson–according to a subsequent letter column–started drawing a guy flying by rocket-pack, then found himself sketching in Adam. A JLA story later explained Adam had been traveling in time and passed briefly through the 30th century.


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