Flash #51 Variant Cover by John Romita, Jr.

Flash 51 Variant Cover by John Romita, Jr.

DC has revealed its variant cover theme for April 2016: the DCU drawn by John Romita, Jr. While he’s done Superman and Batman recently, the legendary artist is best known for his work at Marvel, so bringing him over to DC for a whole month of covers is an event in itself!

Flash also appears on the Justice League and JLA covers, and you can see all of them at the linked gallery on DC’s blog.


4 thoughts on “Flash #51 Variant Cover by John Romita, Jr.

  1. Married Guy

    Looks like I’m in the minority here then. While I admit Romita Jnr hasnt wowed me in a long while, his covers look great. I think his take on the Flash looks great& I wouldn’t mind seeing him take a swing at a few issues.


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