Lots of Upcoming Flash Collections: Waid, Manapul, Johns, Silver Age & New 52

The Beat has a list of upcoming DC collections for Fall 2016 — including some surprising Flash collections!

As expected, Flash Vol.9 comes out in hardcover, and Flash vol.8 in softcover. Also as expected is the third volume of The Flash by Geoff Johns. But there’s also an art book of Flash by Francis Manapul featuring the entire Manapul/Buccellato run that started the New 52…and there’s a 400-page Flash by Mark Waid!


Flash Vol.8: Zoom (softcover)

November 22, 2016
$16.99 USD, $19.99 CAD
Venditti, Jensen, Booth, Rapmund
Flash Sneak Peek & Flash #41-47

Just when Barry’s life had returned to something that resembled normal, one of the most powerful and dangerous foes emerges. Professor Zoom and his team of acolytes have broken Barry’s father out of prison for some unknown reason and Barry must stop them before his life, reputation, and family are torn apart.

Flash Vol.9 (hardcover)

November 22, 2016
$24.99 USD, $29.99 CAD
Venditti, Jensen, Merino
Flash #48-52. (That sounds short, but #50 is going to be oversized.)

In the aftermath his recent clash with Zoom, The Flash finds himself on the run…from the law! And the task force charged with arresting him is made up of his enemies, The Rogues! Including villains like Captain Cold, Weather Wizard and Mirror Master, the Scarlet Speedster must clear his name all while a new enemy emerges: the Riddler!

The Flash by Mark Waid Book One

September 13, 2016. 400 pages, softcover.
$24.99 USD, $29.99 CAD

Superstar writer Mark Waid’s run on THE FLASH is now re-collected in a new series of graphic novels, beginning with THE FLASH BY MARK WAID BOOK ONE!

When Wally West, the adolescent nephew of the Flash’s fiancée, accidentally gained powers of superspeed, he became the Scarlet Speedster’s sidekick. Growing up as his hero’s protégé, Kid Flash had a childhood of amazing action and adventure. But on the day that The Flash died, Wally’s carefree adolescence abruptly ended and his life as an adult began.

THE FLASH BY MARK WAID BOOK ONE looks back at Wally’s earliest days as the Kid Flash and explores the gamut of his emotions and experiences from his first day as a child hero to his succession of Barry Allen as the new Flash. A journey full of humor and drama, this story shows just how much Wally West loves being the fastest man alive.

I’ve got to say, I wasn’t expecting to see this for a long time!

The Flash by Francis Manapul Unwrapped

November 1, 2016, hardcover
The Flash #1-25 (2011 series)
$34.99 USD, $41.99 CAD

For the first time ever, experience Francis Manapul’s acclaimed run on THE FLASH through beautifully reprinted original line drawings that showcase the artist’s masterful skill and creative vision without any inks or colors laid over them.

THE FLASH BY FRANCIS MANAPUL UNWRAPPED collects the artist’s entire body of work on the revered reintroduction of the Fastest Man Alive that he spearheaded with best-selling writer Brian Buccellato (BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS). Not only will this collection inspire with its gorgeously reproduced pencil work, but it also acts as the perfect entry point into the world of the Scarlet Speedster.

The Flash By Geoff Johns Book Three

November 1, 2016, softcover
$24.99 USD, $29.99 CAD
The Flash #189-200 (1987 series)

In this third volume of his best-selling take on THE FLASH, critically acclaimed writer and Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns takes the Fastest Man Alive on the most thrilling run of his life!

Try to keep up with the Flash as he races through Iron Heights Prison as he tries to take down a rampaging Gorilla Grodd. Go on a fantastical journey featuring the Flash and Hawkman taking on the fairy tale horrors of the Brothers Grimm. And, in the epic storyline BLITZ, find out the secret history of the villainous Professor Zoom!

The Flash By Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato Omnibus

December 13, 2016. Hardcover, 480 pages
$75.00 USD, $85.00 CAD
Flash #1-25 (2011 series)

A mysterious and powerful Speed-Force killer has left a trail of bodies in his wake and only Barry has the power to stop him. But when the killer stays one step ahead of him, Barry finds himself face-to-face with the Teen Titans and Kid Flash for the first time. All this will lead to a confrontation with the Flash’s most deadly foe, the Reverse Flash!

The Flash: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 2

December 13, 2016, Hardcover
$75.00 USD, $85.00 CAD
Collects THE FLASH #133-161.

This new graphic novel series collects the early stories of the Flash from the start of the 1960s, including the Flash’s battles with some of his best-known foes: Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Pied Piper, Reverse-Flash, Heat Wave, Trickster, Weather Wizard and more. This collection also guest-stars Kid Flash, the Golden Age Flash, the Elongated Man (super-sleuth Ralph Dibny), and Green Lantern.


3 thoughts on “Lots of Upcoming Flash Collections: Waid, Manapul, Johns, Silver Age & New 52

  1. Lee H

    The second Silver Age Omnibus is particularly interesting in that it goes all the way to #161, whilst the Archives only got up to #150. It’ll be nice to have those 11 issues available in colour.

    The Mark Waid book will also have tons of unreprinted material. Glad to see that they’re going with a large page count.

    I’m crossing my fingers for some 1970s and 1980s Flash reprints in 2017!

    1. Kelson Post author

      No official word yet, but if 400 pages is close to the final page count, it could fit around 18 issues. Starting at #62, that runs through #79, which would be perfect: that would start with “Born to Run” and finish with “The Return of Barry Allen.”

      On the other hand, there are three Mark Waid-written annuals from that span of time, one of which actually takes place during “The Return of Barry Allen” (though it doesn’t tie into the story directly). So they might want to include two annuals in this volume and stop with the cliffhanger leading into TRoBA, and pick up with that story in the next volume.


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