This Week: Flash #51

Flash #51Crave Online has a preview of Flash #51, available today. The Riddler has set up shop in Central City, and makes his move against the Flash *and* the Rogues!

Written by Van Jensen, art by Gus Vazquez, Joe Eisma and Guy Major. Cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Alex Sinclair, variant cover by John Romita, Jr., Danny Miki and Alex Sinclair


4 thoughts on “This Week: Flash #51

  1. Flashfacts

    I honestly have not be pleased with this run and this final issue before Rebirth (52 comes out the same day) perfectly encapsulates how I feel about this run. I don’t think the quality has been this low since Bart was Flash and even then they were at least trying new things.

    I don’t want Wally as Kid Flash or another version of the story of Zoom killed Barry’s mom. We get it. I’d like a different story with him now please other than showing up and gloating “Hey Barry, remember that time I killed your mom? Aint I a stinker?” Yeah, how many times have we gotten some version of that either in comics, on TV or animated films since Flash Rebirth in 2009?

    I have high hopes for Josh Williamson (that’s his name, right?) aND hope that he delivers a Flash run full I’d new concepts and inventive ideas.

    1. Wayne Lippa

      I agree. I have found the Van Jensen/Venditti run on Flash to be largely forgettable, and I have no real desire to go back and re-read these issues. That’s pretty sad to me.

      Here’s hoping Williamson can inject some new energy into the character.


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