Flash #29 Cover And More

Bleeding Cool posted some DC covers for August, and among them is the primary cover for Flash #29. It shows Barry fighting Shrapnel, who’s mentioned in the solicitation for that issue.

And while we’re here, CBR did an interview with Flash writer Joshua Williamson about his most recent story arc on the book, and specifically about how he sees Eobard Thawne. There he offers some insight into Thawne’s troubled psychology and the development of the story. Check it out, you may find it interesting.

Plus, here’s a look at Barry’s daughter Nora Allen in Justice League #26, courtesy of Comicosity. The two Green Lantern kids are described as having the Allen surname as well, so it’ll be interesting to see what their deal is and how they may be related to Barry. This will presumably be another alternate future, since we were just treated to a glimpse of the potential future Dawn and Don Allen in the Flash series; perhaps history will be changed so Nora and these other kids are never born. We will have to see.


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