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Catching up on the Murder in Iron Heights – Review of THE FLASH #36

Not to be too punny, but I’m running behind on this review…and I’ll explain later in this post.  But, I didn’t want to miss out on the chance to say a few words about this issue. It gives us an RIP on an interesting character, and sets up a new status quo for the Rogues. Just who died, and what do I mean about the Rogues? Follow us after the jump to learn more!


The person who died in Iron Heights was not Kristen. They certainly set up that possibility at the end of last issue, but the real victim here was a character created in the New 52 as a sort of replacement for the Top. Yes, it was Turbine who died here. We get a quick summary of his now-brief career, from his time as a Tuskegee Airman to his being stuck in the Speed Force for decades to being one of the Rogues. And now, he’s gone…and I’ll have some thoughts on that in a moment.

There’s a LOT more going on in this prison than anyone thinks. While Flash and Kid Flash are out stopping crimes, the REAL crime boss of Central City is hiding…

…underneath Iron Heights itself! Yes, the Rogues are still in business, maybe stronger than ever as they can “hide in plain sight” in the middle of Iron Heights! Their underground headquarters allows them to control everything, while looking as if they couldn’t possibly be doing anything wrong. After all, they are in custody, right?

Also in custody is August Heart, aka Godspeed. He promises Barry that he won’t tell his secret…but we all know how good his word is by now. Sure enough, he goes to the Rogues and offers them the Flash in exchange for freeing him from his power-dampening collar. And that’s where we leave it until next issue!



The four-legged member of my family is named Roxy, a Jack Russell mix we adopted from our local SPCA 10 years ago. She was attacked by another dog last week and had to go to the emergency vet for some work to recover from a puncture wound to her neck.  Thankfully the wound was not deep enough to be life-threatening, but it took several hours to take care of everything and sew everything back together. She is recovering, and if things continue she should be fine in a few more days. But, that put everything else as secondary, and I hope you will understand. 

AS FOR THIS ISSUE: I’ll give this one a 9/10. A plot that is developing nicely with a great scrip and great artwork. Of course, that’s my opinion – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!