Scott Kolins To Draw Flash #38

Newsarama reports that former Flash artist Scott Kolins will be filling in for Howard Porter on Flash #38. Porter’s also apparently off Flash #37, which will now be drawn by Scott McDaniel. There’s no word on why Porter is no longer drawing those issues or if he’ll be back, but it’s good to see Kolins back in the Flashverse again. He’s drawn many classic Rogues stories and has been a big part of The Flash for the last seventeen years. But hopefully Porter’s absence will be brief, and he’ll be able to return to the book again soon.


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3 thoughts on “Scott Kolins To Draw Flash #38

  1. Golddragon71

    This is really late to be effecting #37. it’s out next week! is the whole issue delayed until it gets redrawn? I could see it effecting issues 39, 40-on but I can’t really see it effecting an issue coming out so soon.

    1. Golddragon71

      sorry! my bad! I thought 37 was coming out next week but it’s 36. 37 isn’t out for another two weeks later….still, kind of short notice either way.

      1. Lia

        The fill-in on #37 was apparently announced a few weeks ago, but I unfortunately missed the news then. Still, it does seem like it was done relatively abruptly, unless DC waited a while before announcing the fill-ins.


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