I Am So Tired of Dead Speedsters

Killing off another Flash for shock value in another book with Crisis in the title is lazy. Killing off yet another Titan for shock value is lazy. Killing off a former headliner who shares a title with another character who’s currently starring in their own book so you can kill an A-lister without actually killing off a current book is lazy.

These were shocking years ago. Now they’re cliches.

And killing off a character who still has story potential is just plain wasteful.

I’m still waiting for that more optimistic DCU that DC: Rebirth was supposed to usher in.

Yes, you *can* have a Crisis without a dead Flash.

A little creativity, please!

— Speed Force (@SpeedForceOrg) July 20, 2018


8 thoughts on “I Am So Tired of Dead Speedsters


    Agreed its just so lazy. Even IF they wanted the outlook to get more bleak to set up Doomsday Clock this is just such a lazy and unimaginative way to go about it. I can forgive DC for having bad issues every now and then but plain lazy and unimaginative writing again and again and AGAIN is unforgivable. I’m done with DC for a while. I will re read my Flash collection and give my money to Marvel for a while who is actually starting to get their act together comics wise while DC continues down a downhill path.

  2. Wayne Lippa

    Agreed. I’ll reserve judgement about Heroes in Crisis until it ends, seeing as how a time traveller (Booster Gold) is involved, but DC seems to be on a track again to hopelessness, rather than the hopefulness that Geoff Johns seemed to be attempting to bring back with the Rebirth special. Between Heroes in Crisis and what happened to Nightwing in Batman #55, I’m of the opinion that this has Dan Didio’s stink all over it. He seems to have the notion that no heroes can be happy, and he also seems to have it in for certain Titans characters. I just can’t for the life of me understand how he can stay in charge with that kind of attitude about the characters. And with Johns now out of his senior management role and not able to counterbalanceDidio’s ideas (like I assume he used to do), I fear that we’re heading back down the grim n’ gritty road for the entire DC Universe. Once again, I’m starting to think that the current direction of DC Comics just isn’t for me, and I should just look to buying more collections of 80s DC stuff instead.

  3. Married Guy

    DC’s treatment of Wally West and the rest of the Flash Family has been absolutely disgraceful.
    Didio’s insistence that Barry Allen can be the only Flash has moved beyond vindictive.
    It just doesn’t make any sense why a company that sells literature doesn’t want to sell any to a certain market for the reason of personal preference!

  4. Paul

    I tend to just follow Flash and Green Lantern books but lost all excitement a few months ago when I heard they were planning to kill off characters.

  5. Jesse Richards

    It’s disappointing because I thought the recent treatment of Wally in the Flash books had been wonderful and I had been enjoying Flash more than probably since before Barry was resurrected.

    But I remain very skeptical that he’s dead … the whole reason to use Booster Gold as a main character here (and the reason King used him before) is because he’s a time traveler. I love King as a writer so we’ll wait and see.

  6. Will

    Hi Keyston !

    I just wanted to thank for expressing on SF.org what a large part of our community feel right now. It might looks like it’s nothing, but it means a lot, so, again, thank you Sir !

    Like Wayne Lippa, unfortunately, I have to admit the current DCU isn’t for me anymore. Like other readers, it seems I’m no more welcome and I guess it’s fine, we can still focus our attention to the old stuff DC published.

    Still, I’m really sad to see Wally won’t be side by side with Barry, like father and son, I’m sad Wally might become a murderer because Didio is trying to troll us, and I’m sad to see that a character we grew up with can’t have a happy ending.

    I hope Flash fans will see better tomorrows … One day 🙂

  7. Tevya Smolka

    i am not happy about this news either because come on we just got back wally west flash why kill him off what’s the point

  8. golddragon71

    In watching DC Universe and an interview with Tom King he basically said he wanted to do a story where Heroes died in a place of healing and that he asked what characters could he use? Dan Didio(t) wasted NO TIME in throwing Wally West and Roy Harper into the Kill-Box with a bunch of C and D-listers. As a result, I will be re-instating my old Thread Wally West Appreciation Day on theFastestForumAlive.proboards.com effective this Wednesday.


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