This Week: Flash #2 (Preview is up)

Flash 2

Flash #2 is out this week, and has a preview of the issue.

“LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE” Chapter Two: In issue #2, The Flash trains novice speedster August Heart to help protect the people of Central City from the Black Hole, a new breed of rogue with a deadly agenda for the Fastest Men Alive.

Writer Joshua Williamson, artist Carmine Di Giandomenico and colorist Ivan Plascencia. Cover by Dave Johnson, variant cover by Karl Kerschl.

Earth-11 Flash and a Multiverse of Colonels (KFC)

KFC: Colonel Corps

Remember Colonel of Two Worlds, the KFC promotional comic in which Colonel Sanders’ evil doppelganger from Earth-3, Colonel Sunder, tried to take over KFC (with Captain Cold and Mirror Master) to make it terrible?

They made another one. This time, Col. Sunder has stolen the memories of the secret herbs and spices from 11 Colonels across the multiverse: Each Colonel can only remember one ingredient, and with the Flash of Earth-11, they have to travel the multiverse to reassemble the recipe.

KFC Flash of Earth 11 and the Cosmic Treadmill

It’s as crazy as it sounds, with Koln-El of the Kingdom Come Earth (the K stands for Kryptonian), Colonel Lad of the Legion of Super-Heroes (with Impulse!), Bizarro Colonel, Red Son Colonel from the USSR, an Earth’s End Colonel who is actually a chicken. There’s even a Teen Titans Go Colonel.

I think we actually see more of Earth-11 Flash here than we did in the Superwoman/Batwoman special she was introduced in. I found myself hoping we’d actually learn her name. I’ve always been inclined to call her Barbara Allen, but there’s nothing canon as far as I know.

Actually the whole thing is oddly reminiscent of Countdown, except fun.

I’m not sure if it’s available in comic shops or if it’s a convention special like last year’s NYCC giveaway, but you can read it for free on ComiXology.

Tom Felton Cast For Flash Season Three

Harry Potter actor Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) will appear in a regular role in Season Three of The Flash TV series. According to TVLine, he’ll be playing Julian Dorn, another member of the CCPD CSI team who suspects there’s more to Barry Allen than might appear. It’s interesting that the character appears to have a unique name not based in Flash lore, although one’s tempted to suspect it might be alias (and let’s face it, that has precedent on the show). Felton played a major villain in the Harry Potter series, so maybe he’ll be a villain here too, or maybe that’s a red herring. We’ll have to see, because little else seems to be known about his character or the role yet.

Are you a fan of Tom Felton? Have any hopes or predictions for what we’ll see him do on the show? Share your thoughts!

Media Updates: Flash & Batman in the Movies, Jesse Quick Returns, SDCC Panel Schedule

Warner Bros. TV schedule is up for Comic-Con International. The Flash TV Show Panel will be Saturday, July 23 at 5pm in Ballroom 20:

Parallel universes…and doppelgangers…and man-sharks, oh my! The second season of The CW’s highest-rated series had more than its fair share of twists and turns, but none compared to Barry Allen’s jaw-dropping decision to go back in time and save his mother from his arch-nemesis, Reverse-Flash, a decision that called the entire timeline into question. But fear not, fans, you won’t have to wait until the fall to start getting answers to some of your most pressing questions, as the cast and creative team behind the show make their annual appearance at Comic-Con to begin giving fans insight into the show’s highly anticipated third season.

Violett Beane is set to return as Jesse Wells in Season 3 of the show. No word yet on whether she’ll be the Earth-2 Jesse we know or from another timeline, or whether we’ll see her as a speedster anytime soon. (via ComicsAlliance)

Warner Bros. showed a scene from Justice League featuring Batman (Ben Affleck) and the Flash (Ezra Miller) to the press, and CinemaBlend describes the scene, which shows the first meeting of Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen. The tone is reportedly a bit lighter than most of Batman v. Superman, and the scene tells us a few important things about the cinematic universe’s Barry Allen, and more. Spoilers of course.

New Look (Finally!)

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The main problem: I could never find a theme I really liked, and I just haven’t had time to build one on my own.

I finally ended up going with one of WordPress’s older default themes, Twenty Twelve, which I still use on my personal blog. It’s still old, but not as old, it adjusts to different screen sizes, and it’s a lot cleaner (and easier to read!) than what I had before.

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