Flash #751 Preview

DC has posted several preview pages for Flash #751, and you can see them at CBR. The issue is due out on March 11th, which is only one week after the big milestone issue because that had been delayed.

In the preview, Godspeed hints a bit about his motivation for working with Paradox, and we see that Commander Cold left something for Barry. Check it out at the link!

variant cover by JUNGGEUN YOON
The Flash battles Godspeed as “Flash Age” continues! In this issue, Paradox enlists Godspeed in his mission to erase the Flash legacy from existence! But when Godspeed’s allegiance comes into question, Paradox proves he may be the strongest foe Barry Allen’s ever faced!
ON SALE 03.11.20
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES
This issue will ship with two covers.
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It’s the BIG Issue #750 – Review of THE FLASH!

This special issue does what few anniversary issues accomplish – celebrate the character well, while moving substantial story lines forward. There is a LOT in issue 750 of THE FLASH, from favorite creators to Easter Eggs all around, and from blasts from the past to glimpses of future tales. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“Grodd Friended Me” Review of THE FLASH S6 E13

The Crisis on Infinite Earths has changed Barry’s world in surprising ways…and those surprises keep on coming. How does Barry deal with an Earth-Prime that conflicts in so many ways with his own memories? We get to see a little more of just how much the world has changed through the mind of none other than Gorilla Grodd! Notice I didn’t say the eyes of Grodd – that’s an important part of the story. And, we will look at more than one character in a whole new way before this episode is through. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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We’re Back!

And we’re moved to a shiny new (virtual) server, so with any luck this sort of thing won’t happen again.

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Flash #750 Previews

I’m not sure if DC is planning to release multiple previews for the various stories in the upcoming Flash #750, but they’ve posted two sneak peeks thus far. You can see three textless pages of a story by Marv Wolfman and Riley Rossmo at Newsarama, and Nerdist has several preview pages from the story by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. It’s possible there’ll be more pages released in the coming days, since the issue is due out next week.

Regardless, it’s going to be a big issue! There are themed variant covers for every decade of Flash history, and several stories by many former Flash creators; don’t forget the Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins story too. Hopefully there’ll be something for everyone.

“The Ascent of Wally West” – Review of FLASH FORWARD #6

The story of Wally West has taken a significant turn in this mini-series. The Fastest Man in the Multiverse has been taking dark matter out of a plethora of worlds. He has found his children, Iris and Jai. And he has found the source of all the dark matter problems of late. Sounds good so far, right? Well, there are still sacrifices to be made, and heart-wrenching decisions are just ahead. What will happen to Wally? What about his kids? And, what about the multiverse itself? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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