“Harry and the Harrisons” – Review of S4 Ep21 of THE FLASH

How do you stop DeVoe? Bring in a bad guy to stop a bad guy? How can Harry help – the Council of Wells (and if so what about the name of the episode)? How can Caitlin bring back Killer Frost? And, can Iris publish an article without Barry’s permission (trust me, we’ll get to that)? Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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Flash #46 Preview

DC has posted the official five-page preview for Flash #46, which is due out this Wednesday, and you can see the pages at CBR. In it, we see a flashback to Hunter Zolomon and get some resolution for a plot point in Flash: Rebirth #6 from eight years ago. Pretty neat.


“THE ROAD TO FLASH WAR!” Wally West is overwhelmed by fragments from his past! With his protégé’s psyche falling apart, Barry Allen races around the DCU calling in every favor possible to save his shattered family. Meanwhile, Hunter Zolomon’s sinister machinations tip over the first domino in what might prove to be the end of everything for The Flash!
On sale MAY 9 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

“Harry And The Harrisons” Trailer

Here’s the extended trailer for next week’s episode of The Flash, titled “Harry And The Harrisons”. There are only three episodes left this season, including this one.

And here’s the official synopsis for the episode.

“Harry and The Harrisons”
THE TEAM TURNS TO AMUNET BLACK FOR HELP — With DeVoe’s Enlightenment device nearly complete, in order to disable it The Flash (Grant Gustin) and his team must put their faith in an unlikely ally – Amunet Black (guest star Katee Sackhoff). Meanwhile, Harry (Tom Cavanagh) hits an all-time low when the “Council of Wells” kicks him out but then Cisco (Carlos Valdes) introduces him to the “Council of Harrisons.” Kevin Mock directed the episode written by Judalina Neira & Lauren Certo (#421). Original airdate 5/8/2018.

“Therefore She Is…” Review of S4 Ep20 of THE FLASH

After last week’s emotional breather, the tension ramps up in a BIG way. We are gaining clarity on a number of fronts. We finally understand Clifford DeVoe’s plan and how he and Marlize started this journey toward “the Enlightenment”. We get clarity on Cisco and Gypsy’s relationship, and what his decision may be on that job offer from Breacher. With Cecile’s help, we find more about what is happening to Harry…and we get a HUGE hint about that “mystery woman” who has been appearing throughout the season. Wow! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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Crowdfunding Campaign for William Messner-Loebs

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about William Messner-Loebs’ struggle with homelessness. You may remember him as the writer on The Flash during the late 1980s and early 1990s, who took over Wally West’s series and began a coming-of-age story that would play out over the next few years, as well as two years’ worth of Impulse stories later in the decade.

A gas leak at his home last year left it unlivable, and he and his wife have been living out of their car and in shelters since then. The comics industry has largely passed him by, so he’s been picking up odd jobs as a janitor and delivering food to pay off debt from health issues and to make ends meet.

His stories were infused with social awareness: Marginalized people like gay supervillains and (ironically) the homeless. Women scientists being gaslighted by their peers. Estranged families trying to reconnect. Big business dumping toxic waste in small towns. When Impulse’s hometown was threatened by a flood, all the local supervillains pitched in to help. Nobody stopped laying sandbags to attack each other.

There was a strong theme in all of his stories that people need to help each other, not turn a blind eye or tear each other down. And now it’s our chance to help him. The article last month linked to a crowdfunding campaign for the shelter they’ve been relying on. Now there’s a personal GoFundMe campaign that will go directly to Bill and Nadine Messner-Loebs. I’ve contributed, and I hope you will too.

Big Reveal “After The Storm” – Review of THE FLASH #45

Grodd has been defeated and Central City is finally safe (if a bit worse for the wear).  As we take a breath and prepare for “Flash War”, there are still some big events to be found in this issue. We have to wrap up a lot of things – what happened to Meena, to Godspeed, to Central City itself – and what about Wally? For a “breather” issue, this one had a lot to offer. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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