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Outrun: the Guardians’ New Speedster

Image Comics has been running ads for Guardians of the Globe, a spinoff miniseries from Invincible, spoofing the style of Marvel’s “I am an Avenger” ads. They started last week with joke ads showing team members like Spawn, Harry Potter, and Barack Obama, and are revealing the real members of the team this week. Today’s addition: Outrun, a new speedster with a somewhat morbid tagline that has CBR wondering whether she’ll live through the miniseries.

My speed creeps into every aspect of my life. I only hope I can make a difference before I burn out. — Outrun

Actually, she sounds kind of like Barry Allen in the first issue of Flash: Rebirth: driven to do everything she can for fear that her time will run out soon. (What is it with speedsters and death? Is it the metaphor of burning the candle at both ends? Barry’s death in Crisis on Infinite Earths? “Live fast, die young?”)

The six-issue miniseries by Robert Kirkman, Benito Cereno and Ransom Getty starts in August.

(Thanks to Vinny Piccolo for the link.)

UPDATE (March 26): Now that the full roster has been revealed — including an Australian who uses exploding boomerangs as weapons (where have I seen that before?) — Newsarama has an interview with Kirkman about the project.