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Shortpacked! Robin Statue Finalized

Shortpacked! cartoonist David Willis posted these photos of the completed Robin DeSanto statue from Patch Together. I’ve got to say, it looks great. I’m not usually one for buying statues and such (though I do make an effort to buy print collections of webcomics that I really like), but I am tempted by this one.

If you missed the earlier post about the prototype, you can read up on the webcomic’s sugar-powered speedster.

The statue is available for preorder.

Shortpacked! Speedster Robin Gets Her Own Statue

Last week, web cartoonist David Willis posted the final design for a statue of Robin DeSanto, the sugar-powered hyperactive speedster from It’s Walky! and Shortpacked!

Robin initially used her super-powers in a top-secret alien-fighting squad (the main story of It’s Walky!). In the years since the alien invasion was thwarted, she has become a simple retail clerk at a toy store (Shortpacked!)…when she’s not moonlighting as a United States Congresswoman.

The statue is available for pre-order now.