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A Glimpse of Barry’s Lab in the Justice League Film

Warner Brothers has given us a peek at Barry’s lab in the Justice League film, and it perhaps tells us a bit about him. He obviously has a scientific and technical background, as he’s presumably able to understand what he’s looking at on those screens, and can split his attention or take in a lot information so he isn’t overwhelmed by all the data around him. And he’s obviously studying his powers and/or is working to build a better suit for himself, as was hinted in an earlier teaser when Bruce Wayne speaks to him about it.

Plus he admires Nikola Tesla and watches Rick and Morty while he works, which makes him something of a typical nerd of this era.

We’ve seen the lab before in some of the teasers and trailers, but I believe this is the first high-quality still image we’ve had a chance to look at. So it’s interesting and possibly illuminating for his character in the DC movieverse.

What do people think of his lab, and do you think it seems fitting for Barry Allen? Share your thoughts!

New Justice League Teaser

And shortly after seeing the new Justice League poster, WB has released a new teaser for the film. It’s about four minutes long, and includes mostly new footage and some good bits with the Flash. Plus, the first look at Steppenwolf in action, and a hint at Superman’s return! Check it out.

The film will be released on November 17, 2017. What do you think of the teaser? Are you liking what we’ve seen of the movieverse Flash so far?