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This Week: Digital Dark Flash vs Replicant

It’s the last week of Villains Month, and all three Flash villain spotlights are out. That leaves this week’s digital re-release, Flash #155 (Wally West series). The mysterious Dark Flash takes a more severe approach to villains than Barry or Wally ever did, and after Captain Boomerang is seriously injured in a fight, the Rogues create the Replicant, one man with the powers of all the Rogues’ weapons.

Replicant’s origin story was actually in The Flash Secret Files #2, which DC hasn’t sent to ComiXology. They haven’t been terribly concerned with specials like this, or annuals, from their backlist. Fortunately, most of the annuals from this series were stand-alone stories, and only the Replicant origin and introduction of Hunter Zolomon in the second and third Secret Files books really leave holes in the stories that are online. Well, and Iron Heights, which is a critical piece of the build-up to Crossfire.