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Speed Reading: Collections, Modern Masters, and Silver-Age Science

Some linkblogging for the weekend:

Collected Editions has spotted info on the Wenesday Comics hardcover, Final Crisis paperback and more.

Silver Age Gold points out that the science in the Flash…doesn’t always make sense.

TwoMorrows is holding a $10 sale on Modern Masters books, focusing on artists from Mike Allred to Mike Wieringo (with other artists who aren’t named Mike!).

TwoMorrows Companion Sale

I keep meaning to post about this and forgetting! TwoMorrows Publishing is running a 30%-off sale on their line of Companion books through October 31. Of course this includes Keith Dallas’ The Flash Companion.

The book is full of interviews with artists and writers, articles about the various eras of the character’s history, and more. I actually contributed a couple of Rogue Profiles to the book.

Check out past entries about the book for more info and some excerpts. It’s absolutely worth picking up.

The sale applies to purchases made on TwoMorrows’ website through October 31, 2009.