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Life After CBR for Comics Should Be Good and Robot 6

Among the casualties of Comic Book Resources’s reorganization as CBR were the hosted blogs Comics Should Be Good and Robot 6. Existing posts are still there, some of the columnists are still writing for CBR, but what’s still there is scattered in with the rest of the site, and the lively discussion section is gone.

A number of CSBG writers have set up at Atomic Junk Shop, which aims to be “the bookshop owner that can trace the history of a genre, a record shop clerk that can point out the influences of your favorite bands, the person at the comic store register that can tell you all about the run of comics that you’re sure to love based on what’s in your pull box.”

Meanwhile, over the last few months some of the Robot 6 bloggers have been writing at Smash Pages. I can’t find a launch announcement, but there are a lot of familiar names and even a few columns that picked up where they left off from the old site. I seem to remember that Robot 6 originally formed in the wake of a Newsarama restructuring that killed off Blog@Newsarama. It’s interesting to trace the connections.

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News Roundup: Comic Writers on Zoom, TV Premiere Title, SDCC Bags & TV Guide Cover

The Flash comic book writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen talk to Newsarama about the new Zoom, Henry Allen, and Wally West.

A photo of the script cover page reveals the Flash season 2 premiere title, “The Man Who Saved Central City.” Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg wrote the story with Kreisberg and Gabrielle Stanton writing the script, and it’s being directed by Ralph Hemecker (“The Man in the Yellow Suit” and “Tricksters”).

DC and Warner Bros. have unveiled their giant souvenir bags for SDCC, including one based on the Flash TV show.

Update: TV Guide has unveiled their Comic-Con Special Edition covers featuring Arrow, Gotham, Supergirl, and of course The Flash. (How cool is it that I can say “and of course The Flash” now!)

Speaking of Comic-Con International, I’m sad to say we won’t be able to provide coverage from the convention floor this year, as I was unable to buy tickets in this year’s chaotic sale. (It’ll be weird not going to San Diego this summer.) Rest assured, we’ll be following the convention online and pointing you to Flash-related news and sightings.

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WonderCon 2015 Round-Up

Big Hero 6As of last weekend, I’ve been to more WonderCons in Anaheim than San Francisco, and more with a kid in tow than without. And I’m finally at the point where I’m no longer comparing the current incarnation of the con to the previous one, and just taking it on its own terms.

Here at Speed Force, we covered Flash cosplay and the Flash TV show cast Q&A earlier in the week. My full photo gallery is on Flickr. It took a whole week, but I finally put together my write-up of the con over at K-Squared Ramblings.


Flash of Two Shows and More

Flash of Two Shows featuring John Wesley Shipp and Grant Gustin from the 1990 and 2014 TV series.

Last week’s The Line it is Drawn post at Comics Should Be Good features Flash team-up art, including this piece by Xum Yukinori. Head over there for a whole mess of team-ups including Rainbow Dash, Cheetara, the Whizzer, the droid BB-8 from the new Star Wars, plus less speedy partners like the Rocketeer, the Spirit, the Savage Dragon and more. Also: Professor Xum.

Speed Reading

Flash Podcast 27 introduces a new co-host, as Justin Cavender joins Andy Behbakht.

CSBG’s Comic Legends Revealed: Contrary to popular belief, DC did not cancel the Flash because the Trial was going on too long. Quite the opposite, actually.

Mike Schmidt’s Flash opera has a new song, “Never Forget.”

The Mark Millar/Duncan Fegredo speedster series M.P.H. is off to a running start at Image.

Archie Comics is relaunching a speedster, with a new Sonic the Hedgehog series, Sonic Boom.

4thLetter offers a piece to think about before you dismiss criticism as “outrage” — or worse, “faux outrage.”

Speed Reading: Podcast Catch-Up, Waid & Wieringo & More

I’ve gotten way behind on these link round-ups.

ComicsAlliance’s Chris Sims on Why Mark Waid’s Flash run is so great, and how it ties the entire post-Crisis on Infinite Earths DC Universe together. (video)

The Flash Podcast has covered Iris West, Weather Wizard and Professor Zoom since we last checked in.

Flash TV Talk has covered Young Justice & Reverse Flashes and interviewed Greg Weisman.

Back in a Flash podcast talks about Merge, the villain in the latest issue of the book.

CBR’s Pipeline looks back at The Flash by Waid and Wieringo.

Not Flash-specific, but worth a read: Radioactive Blackness And Anglo-Saxon Aliens: Achieving Superhero Diversity Through Race-Changing (ComicsAlliance)

Tons of stuff as always at The Rogues Kick Ass.