September 2, 2015

Flash Odds And Ends

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Jay Garrick promo The CW has released a new promotional image for The Flash‘s second season, this one featuring the famed helmet of Jay Garrick. It serves as a helpful reminder of the season premiere date and the day/time the show airs.

Entertainment Weekly tells us that Malese Jow (Linda Park) will be back for the second season, although as of yet there aren’t many details about her role. It’d be interesting if the article’s reference to Wally is a hint, though, because Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West) is about the same age as Jow and it’d be entirely feasible if their characters started dating. And Entertainment Weekly also has a brief snippet of information about Iris’ new role in Season Two. Not surprisingly, her role within Team Flash has changed now that she knows Barry’s secret.

And finally, here’s the latest promo clip for The Flash and Arrow…and it’s surprisingly musical. There are no spoilers, it’s more like a music video.

The premiere is only five weeks away! What are you hoping to see done with Iris and Linda this season?

August 31, 2015

Tony Todd Cast As Voice of Zoom

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Variety is reporting that Candyman star Tony Todd has been cast as the voice of Zoom. Spoilers for Zoom and the second season of The Flash behind the jump.

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August 28, 2015

Australian TV Clip Hints At Something New

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The Australian TV network Fox 8 has produced a short teaser for the second season of The Flash, and it shows us a seemingly new aspect of Barry Allen’s powers. You can see the video clip and some analysis of it at Movieweb‘s site.

Presumably the energies of the singularity caused this change in Barry’s lightning, and one wonders what else it changed for him and the other characters. What do you think?

Upcoming Flash Books for Early 2016

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The Beat has a round-up of DC Comics books for 2016, including details and release dates for four Flash Collections:

I could swear I remembered seeing something about “The Flash: Silver Age” collection before, but I can’t seem to find it. Maybe I was thinking of last year’s Silver Age Flash Omnibus? In any case, it’s yet another reprint of the early 1950s Flash stories. I’m not sure why they don’t just reprint the Flash Chronicles series, since it seems to be the same material and format.

Presumably this means that Flash: Earth One (JMS) and Multiversity Too: The Flash (Grant Morrison), both announced for 2016, will be later in the year. That makes sense, as DC hasn’t announced an artist yet for either book. (For the record, Morrison & Paquette’s Wonder Woman: Earth One is on the schedule for April.)

Read on for more details.

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August 27, 2015

This Week’s FLASH-backs to 1970: Identity Exposed!

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1970’s The Flash #196-197 are now available on DC’s digital backlist.

Flash #196 collects reprints of older stories including “The Mightiest Punch of All Time” (with the Reverse-Flash), “The Speed of Doom,” “The Origin of the Flash’s Masked Identity” and “Mirror Master’s Invincible Bodyguards.”

Flash #197: “Barry Allen takes acting lessons and uses his speed to play several roles almost simultaneously.”

Flash #197

August 26, 2015

Review of THE FLASH #43 – A Father’s Desperation

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Flash 43 CoverProfessor Zoom has gathered his crew, and his plans are coming together (if a bit slowly). But, this issue highlights the relationship of Henry Allen and his son…and just how far Dr. Allen is willing to go to protect Barry. We are far from reaching the bottom of the rabbit hole in this mystery, but there are some interesting hints as to who (and how many) are involved, all in issue #43 of THE FLASH!


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