July 1, 2015

This Week: Season Zero, Silver Age Samuroids

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Flash Season Zero #10 (print edition): “When an astronaut turned metahuman becomes obsessed with Caitlin Snow, The Flash must protect her from the confused monster wielding a powerful cosmic energy!”

Flash Season Zero Chapter 23 (digital edition) continues the early days of Leonard Snart and Mick Rory, the criminals who would one day become Captain Cold and Heat Wave.

The digital backlist skips ahead a bit to Flash #180-181, a two-parter in which the Flash visits Japan to help an old friend on a case and battles samurai robots.

Flash #181

June 30, 2015

News Roundup: Comic Writers on Zoom, TV Premiere Title, SDCC Bags & TV Guide Cover

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The Flash comic book writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen talk to Newsarama about the new Zoom, Henry Allen, and Wally West.

A photo of the script cover page reveals the Flash season 2 premiere title, “The Man Who Saved Central City.” Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg wrote the story with Kreisberg and Gabrielle Stanton writing the script, and it’s being directed by Ralph Hemecker (“The Man in the Yellow Suit” and “Tricksters”).

DC and Warner Bros. have unveiled their giant souvenir bags for SDCC, including one based on the Flash TV show.

Update: TV Guide has unveiled their Comic-Con Special Edition covers featuring Arrow, Gotham, Supergirl, and of course The Flash. (How cool is it that I can say “and of course The Flash” now!)

Speaking of Comic-Con International, I’m sad to say we won’t be able to provide coverage from the convention floor this year, as I was unable to buy tickets in this year’s chaotic sale. (It’ll be weird not going to San Diego this summer.) Rest assured, we’ll be following the convention online and pointing you to Flash-related news and sightings.

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June 24, 2015

ZOOM! – Review of THE FLASH #41

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IMG_4553The Flash returns after a break for CONVERGENCE, and this issue is easily one of the best issues of the post-CONVERGENCE DCU (or should I say, DC YOU?). We not only see the return of Professor Zoom in a big way, but also find the return of…(more after the break)…


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Flash Season 2 Premieres October 6

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Flash Season 2 Premiere PicThe CW has announced the fall premiere dates for their 2015 TV season. Flash, Arrow and iZombie will all keep the same time slots as last season, with Flash and iZombie premiering on Tuesday October 6, and Arrow premiering on Wednesday, October 7.

No word yet on a launch date for the Arrow/Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, but as a mid-season show, that’s not terribly surprising.

Out of curiosity, who else here watched iZombie? I enjoyed it a lot, even though it’s really different from the comic, and I’m very happy to see it coming back next year.

This Week: Post-Convergence Flash, Fastest Ape Alive, Global Heroes, and — STOP!!!!

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Flash #41 is out in stores today, launching the new direction for Barry Allen as Professor Zoom returns — and he’s got allies. Preview at ComicVine, plus there’s that sneak peek from a few weeks back.

And in the digital backlist, DC finishes up the 1990s annuals with two this week, and continues with another Silver Age classic. After 2000, DC stopped doing annuals for a few years, though the summer Our Worlds At War specials might as well have been. I think that’s the last of the missing issues, not counting the Wizard Flash #1/2 issue (which is probably tied up in ownership) and a few scattered specials like New Year’s Evil: The Rogues and the OWAW tie-in I mentioned.

Flash Annual #12 (1999) is part of the JLApe event and hits in the middle of the Dark Flash saga. Disastrous opening of diplomatic relations between Gorilla City and the human world have led to a war, with the gorillas launching a campaign to transform the world’s humans into apes. Which side is the Fastest Ape Alive on, and what happens when he meets up with Max Monkey and Chimpulse? (SRSLY, I am not making this up.)

Flash Annual #13 (2000) is part of the “Planet DC” theme, in which the main characters teamed up with superheroes based in different parts of the globe. In this issue, Wally West and Jay Garrick team up with Argentina’s premiere superhero team.

Flash #163 (1966) STOP! Don’t pass up this issue! The Flash’s life depends on it!

Flash #163

June 21, 2015

Pics from HeroesCon 2015!

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There were some great times and great cosplayers at HeroesCon 2015. Below are some great Flash cosplayers who turned up at HeroesCon…and more!

You’ll find me with Robert Venditti, Francis Manapul…and none other than Greg Elias of our site! It was great to finally meet Greg in person and to talk comics for a while at HeroesCon. For those of you following the site, the staff of Speedforce.org are spread literally across the continent, so actually meeting in person is a rare and much-appreciated treat. Thanks to everyone who attended HeroesCon – and if you missed it this year, it is well worth the visit to Charlotte, North Carolina, USA next year!