August 28, 2011

Flash Quick Hits: Fan Expo

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A few bits of info have come out of Toronto this weekend.

The Justice Society returns in a James Robinson/Nicola Scott series set at an unspecified time period on Earth-2.

A the New 52 Panel, Francis Manapul explained that they want to make the new Flash series “introspective and at the same time, a kick-ass action book.” Newsarama’s report adds that he “came up with some incredible death traps for him to overcome, with more than just his speed.”

Francis Manapul and Yanick Paquette (Swamp Thing) also appeared on a Drawing the New 52 panel, in which Manapul talked about his approach to redesigning the Flash’s Rogues, explaining, “It’s about making the characters interesting, and also making them a legitimate [threat] to Flash. Not just about their powers.”

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  1. Lia says:

    Well hell, I knew I should have gone to Sunday’s art panel. I skipped it because I am not smart.

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