January 22, 2012

Speed Reading

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Some weekend linkblogging…

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  1. Lia says:

    And January 22 is the Top’s birthday!

    Grodd’s was on the 13th. January is Flash month or something.

    • Kelson says:

      I knew I should have read through it again before posting the round-up! It’s been a busy, busy weekend.

      • Lia says:

        I hear ya on the busyness. Pretty sure I’m the only one who cares anyway :>

        • Kyer says:

          His birthday should have been the 8th. An eight kind of looks like a Top, it has a top, and there is the term Crazy 8’s (which rather fits….at least that first part.)

          Is Captain Cold’s birthday in January? (Coldest month of the year.)

          • Lia says:

            The Top’s first appearance was Flash v1 #122, so I have a suspicion that when assigning birthdays, the DC calendar creators took #122 and turned it into 1/22, ie January 22. It seems too coincidental otherwise.

            And Cold’s birthday is in December, so at least a cold month. I’m slightly disappointed that Heat Wave was born in March rather than August or July.

  2. Kevin says:

    Thank you for posting my comic! (I don’t have mind powers, I got an email about a pingback). I’m glad you guys liked it. I imagine next they’d have a relaxing game of chess.

  3. Ken O says:

    Love the Treebeard strip. Not sure how anyone can look sad while wearing a sombrero though.

    • Lia says:

      Here’s an utterly terrible drawing I once did of the Top looking sad while wearing a sombrero (that’s Piper wearing a silly hat with him). I don’t draw very well, especially using a mouse, but that’s supposed to be a sombrero. He sometimes wore one in an RPG I was in…it was a very silly game at times.

      /embarrassing myself on the Internet since 1995

      • Ken O says:

        Haha. That is awesome. Considering I’m currently playing a Luchador in a game of Shadowrun, it’s good to be a little silly some times.

        • Lia says:

          I can’t bear a game that doesn’t have at least a bit of silliness to offset some of the angst, so I know what you mean. In its predecessor RPG, every time there was nobody to RP with I’d write the most ludicrous solo adventures for him, like the time he robbed a candy store just to eat candy, or conversed with a ‘Golden Glider’ sock puppet on his hand, or did karaoke with other ghosts :> It…made sense at the time (and also helps to have a mentally ill character).

      • Kyer says:

        I’m tempted to say his hat should be a fez because of the tassle looking like a pull string. Maybe put a pull ring at the end.

        Or one of those twirly-top propeller hats. That would work too. 😛

        • Lia says:

          In this case, he’d gone to Mexico after returning from the dead and brought a sombrero back with him, which he swore looked good on him. The other Rogues disagreed, but what do they know.

          (He’s actually a lot of fun to RP)

  4. Eyz says:

    Thanks for the link to my comic 😉
    Thanks for the lil’ spotlight there, Glad you liked that one^^

    Lots of fun links this week 😛

  5. Kyer says:

    I loved Wally’s expressions in ‘Treebeard’! (And I’m supposing the poor dear is waiting for the call to action from Didio too?

    Really liked the 40’s Flash Flyer outfit. Well done.

    Dang, but WolverRoach looked like it was tons more fun than Wolverine ever was. Marvel should have just hired the guy.

  6. Kyer says:

    You forgot to list Brett Booth’s Teen Titans picture at http://demonpuppy.blogspot.com/ Also has some really great facial expressions and Bart is acting like the Bart I loved as Impulse.

    Also, Mr. Booth, (should you ever read this because I can’t seem to log into your comment section) though not an atheist (don’t follow a religion, just the Creator) I completely agree with you on your Sunday post. That commentator was so busy ranting they didn’t actually read what you wrote. Passion does that to people…which is why religion, group sports, and, yeah, comic book fanaticism can get dangerous when emotions run roughshod over logic. I once got into a tiff with someone over abortion until I realized the other was about to have a stroke over our discussion. Making a point wasn’t worth his death.
    Keep neither an open nor a closed mind, but a *thinking* one. Also (and this is meant in good intentions) God bless.

  7. Kyer says:

    Agh…there I’ve gone running off at the mouth and I forgot to mention the Flash station wagon at Target.

    Yeah, I saw those too and passed. We’re they implying that Barry is as boring as a station wagon? As useful as one? That color…ugh. No thanks.

    Now, Flash on roller skates…that I can see. Would they in fact make him go faster? 😛

    Now that I think of it…the only car I really want to see any Flash in is the Batmobile. Just to irk Batman. Put an action figure in a Batmobile with some play food stuffed in the back and a grimacing Bats in the background. That would make for a great Windows desktop theme.

  8. Kyer says:


    When I click on my CBR (Comic Book Resources) bookmark I’m getting a Google advisory page that this is an attack page that could harm my computer. Putting aside any jokes about how society warns that comics are evil….this is the first time I’ve every seen this warning pop up on a page I usually visit. I am set for Safe Browsing (you never know what might pop up on an innocent Google search.)

    Anyone else getting this?

    • Lia says:

      Not that message in particular, but in the past I’ve had a lot of problems with scripts running at CBR (from the ads, no doubt). I don’t know if it’s actually harmful. I did have to mostly stop visiting them while still using Internet Explorer because my computer would lock up, but now that I use Chrome that doesn’t seem to be an issue.

    • Kelson says:

      It could be one of the ad networks. I know Chrome will block access to an entire page & show a warning if it’s loading any content from a site that’s been identified as dangerous or compromised, even if the main page isn’t on the list. Annoying, but since one of the big ways to distribute malware & other attacks is to hack or otherwise trick a site into loading scripts from a malicious server, it makes sense.

    • Kyer says:

      Whew…the warning is now gone.

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