February 18, 2012

Speed Reading

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5 responses to “Speed Reading”

  1. Kyer says:

    Nothing like Silver Age goofiness to pick up one’s mood. I love how Barry had enough air trapped within his ‘aura’ to keep his hyper metabolism going through being launched to (presumably) the asteroid belt, a moment’s reflection on an asteroid, a hearty jog around said asteroid, an a quick zip back to Earth (which by some miracle he managed not to miss landing on let alone going splat over the surface of.

    Wow. ;P

  2. Ben Hall says:

    I agree with the science heroes link, because we do need more understanding of real life science and how it works.

  3. married guy says:

    I love how off the wall those old issues were.

  4. Eyz says:

    Always up for Ty Templeton’s strips and interpretations 😛

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