October 2, 2015

This Week: The Evil Sound of Music

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Now on DC’s digital backlist: Flash #206-207. I’ll just leave these covers here.

Flash #207: The Evil Sound of Music

Flash #206: 24 Hours of Immortality

September 23, 2015

This Week: Flash #44, Season One DVD/Blu-Ray, Flashback Secrets

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Flash #44 is out in stores today, continuing the story of Professor Zoom and his time-spanning team as they prepare to utterly destroy the Flash. Preview at Newsarama.

Season One of the new Flash TV series came out on DVD and Blu-Ray yesterday.

DC Comics’ digital backlist has added two more Flash comics from the 1970s:

Flash #204: Iris Allen finds herself compelled to reveal the Justice League’s secrets.

Flash #205: contains reprints of older stories, including the first appearance of Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash — a lost Jay Garrick adventure, “Journey into Danger” — Kid Flash in “Race to Thunder Hill” — and Johnny Quick in “Too Many Speed Kings.”

Flash #204: Iris reveals Barry Allen's secret!

September 17, 2015

Flash Becomes the Black Racer in Justice League: Darkseid War

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Newsarama has the scoop: the six Darkseid War tie-ins originally titled Justice League: Gods and Men are being renamed as Justice League: Darkseid War, which not only makes more sense, but is harder to confuse with Justice League: Gods and Monsters.

They also posted this piece by Jason Fabok from the upcoming Justice League #44, revealing just what the Flash will look like when he becomes a New God – specifically the Black Racer, avatar of death.

Justice League 44: Flash as the Black Racer

Justice League: Darkseid War – The Flash ships in October, written by Rob Williams with art by Jesus Merino and a cover by Francis Manapul.

September 16, 2015

Flash Season Zero TP & Iris Flashbacks

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The softcover edition of The Flash: Season Zero is out this week. It collects the complete series, originally released in 24 digital chapters and then in 12 print issues. Actually set during season one, it covers two long stories:

Flash vs. a metahuman circus
King Shark vs. the Suicide Squad

…and several shorter stories, including a look back at how Captain Cold and Heat Wave first met, a nightmare out of Caitlin Snow’s past, a guest spot by Felicity Smoak, and a story in which Caitlin and Cisco deal with fallout from one of her old mentors.

This week’s digital flashbacks from the early 1970s include:

Flash #202 – Iris’ reporting gets her into trouble with a cult.

Flash #203 – Iris returns to her home era in the distant future. Wait, you didn’t think she was from the present, did you?

Flash #203

September 15, 2015

New FLASH Poster is a Scream

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Flash Season 2 Poster - Scream

Things look rough for Barry Allen in this new poster for The Flash Season Two. Star Grant Gustin posted it to Instagram with this caption:

Tune into season two of @cwtheflash and see how Barry can get through this time of tribulation, caused by so many losses in the season one finale. A good scream always helps…

(Via The Flash Podcast and CBR.)

September 14, 2015

Flash #47: Prof. Zoom’s Endgame in December

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Flash #47

DC Comics’ December 2015 solicitations are rolling out, including…

Art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND
Variant covers by TERRY DODSON
On sale DECEMBER 30 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

Professor Zoom’s endgame goes into effect as we learn the dark truth behind Nora Allen’s murder!