Kid Flash of Two Worlds: Flash #8-9 in October

Kid Flash of Two Worlds - Flash #9

Flash writer Joshua Williamson posted the Flash #9 cover on Twitter with the caption, “KID FLASH OF TWO WORLDS IN FLASH #9! Coming in October! Ties into DCU: Rebirth!”

First Comics News has the solicitations for October including:

(W) Williamson (A/CA) Carmine Di Giandomenico (CA) Dave Johnson
“LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE” part eight! When Godspeed brings his killing spree to Iron Heights, Barry Allen must protect his own Rogues Gallery-including his mother’s killer-from the deadly speedster! Luckily, The Flash has some help from Wally West, the newly christened Kid Flash!
In Shops: Oct 12, 2016
SRP: $2.99

(W) Williamson (A) Neil Googe (CA) Carmine Di Giandomenico (CA) Dave Johnson
“KID FLASH OF TWO WORLDS!” In this single-issue tale, Wally West meets Wally West! The original Kid Flash meets his cousin for the very first time in this special issue, which continues The Flashes’ investigation into the events that began in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1.
In Shops: Oct 26, 2016
SRP: $2.99

And related…

Titans #4

(W) Abnett (A/CA) Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund (CA) Mike Choi
“The return of Wally West” part four! Wally receives an impossible choice from Linda’s kidnapper: save the Titans…or lose the love of his life forever!
In Shops: Oct 26, 2016
SRP: $2.99

Update: Brett Booth points out this isn’t the real Titans #4 cover, but the original Titans #1 cover being used as an anti-spoiler placeholder.


4 thoughts on “Kid Flash of Two Worlds: Flash #8-9 in October

  1. Graham

    Looking forward to this run. Three Flashes to follow, each with interesting stories to tell. I just hope DC gives them the opportunity to do justice to those stories before spinning off to the next inevitable Event.

    Now if we can just get Bart/Impulse and my favorite forgotten speedster Jenni/XS back. My pref would be to see them in a Legion series again.

  2. married guy

    Having Bart & XS back would make me VERY happy!
    It appears that DC have finally realised they threw the baby out with the bathwater and are trying to repair what they broke.

    We have Barry and Wally back. We have a Kid Flash. We are getting a sense of legacy back in the DCU and it’s about bloody time!


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