November 9, 2014

DC TV Quick Hits – Pied Piper And More

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Here’s a clip from Flash episode “Plastique”, which will air this week on November 11. There are no real plot spoilers involved, but it features something familiar to Flash fans.

More behind the jump, including potential spoilers for Flash and Arrow.

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November 4, 2014

Los Angeles Ticket Giveaway: LACMA Hosts Greg Berlanti in Flash/Arrow Event

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If you’re in the Los Angeles area, LACMA is hosting an event with Greg Berlanti about Arrow and The Flash next Wednesday, November 12 at 7:30pm.

Berlanti will sit for a conversation after a viewing of “Going Rogue,” an episode from The Flash featuring the introduction to one of the best known villains from Flash’s Rogues Gallery, and will also present sneak preview clips from upcoming episodes of Arrow and The Flash.

General admission is $25, but here’s the cool thing: Film Independent (one of the organizations co-hosting the event) is offering up to 10 tickets to Speed Force readers!

Simply send your name to lacma-event at before Friday morning at 9:00 PST and I’ll pass it along to Film Independent. First come, first served.

November 3, 2014

Quick Hits: Future Flash, Plastique & More

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The Flash comic book writing team of Venditti and Jensen talk to Newsarama about the upcoming arc and what’s in store for Wally West and the present & future versions of Barry Allen.

IMDB has a poll for best new TV show. The Flash is at #2 right now, ahead of Gotham and behind Outlander.

The trailer is up for next week’s Flash Episode 5, “Plastique”

Flash TV news has the description for episode 6, “The Flash is Born,” featuring Girder.

DC has announced “Convergence” as their 2015 spring event. Spinning out of Future’s End and Earth 2: World’s End, the New 52 will go on a two-month hiatus in April and May, to be replaced by 40(!) two-part miniseries and a 9-issue framing story, all dealing with alternate realities in the DC Multiverse — including those that were thought lost after Flashpoint. (As The Beat notes that April-May is when DC is moving their offices from New York to Burbank.)

This Week: Flash Seazon Zero Comics in Print & Digital, Rerun on TV

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Flash Season Zero Chapter 5The Flash TV show is a rerun this week, but new episodes return next Tuesday with an episode featuring Plastique.

Flash: Season Zero #2 print edition (collecting chapters 3&4) arrives in stores on Wednesday. “Barry Allen and the CCPD investigate the murder of a man who appears to have been killed by snakes! But what’s the connection to last issue’s freakishly strong bank robber? And who is the mysterious Mr. Bliss?”

Flash: Season Zero chapter 5 is available digitally today. “Held captive by a band of circus freaks, the Flash’s attempt to contact S.T.A.R. Labs is thwarted–and the origin of the dastardly Mr. Bliss is revealed!”

Flash: Season Zero is set in the TV series continuity between episoes 1 and two. The current story is written by Andrew Kreisberg and Katherine Walczak with art by Phil Hester and Eric Gapstur.

October 29, 2014

A “Cold” Streak – Review of THE FLASH Episode 104

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“Cold” is a running theme throughout this show, for reasons that go beyond the appearance of Leonard Snart. More than one relationship needs a serious thaw as The Flash gets ready to fight his first non-meta supervillain (and, in this spirit of full disclosure, my favorite Rogue), Captain Cold!


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October 27, 2014

Quick hits: Linda Park added to Flash TV cast

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Flash TV show is adding Linda Park as a recurring role, played by Malese Jow (The Vampire Diaries).

The character is described as a quick-witted reporter for the Central City Picture News. She befriends Iris (Candice Patton) while at work and helps her navigate the fast-paced world of journalism. When she meets Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) at a local bar, the two hit it off. The character will first appear in episode 112.

As others have noted, the character made a brief appearance in the pilot episode on news coverage of the STAR labs particle accelerator, played by a different actress. She would hardly be the first character to be recast or retooled after a show goes from pilot to series.