May 15, 2015

Season Finale Extended Trailer

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Here’s the one-minute trailer for The Flash‘s season finale. The episode will air next week, and is titled “Fast Enough”. The promo’s obviously full of spoilers, so be warned.

Looks like it’ll be pretty intense (and more than a bit sad). What do you think?

Flash #43 DC Bombshells Variant Cover Featuring Killer Frost by Ant Lucia

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Flash #43 Bombshells Killer Frost Variant

DC is launching a second round of DC Bombshells variant covers featuring retro pinup versions of its characters — and a digital-first series — this summer. The Nerdist has several covers including The Flash #43 by Ant Lucia, featuring Killer Frost.

Newsarama has a round-up of all the covers released so far. One notable difference from the first round is that while the first round was all women, some of the covers feature men this time, including Sinestro, Dick Grayson, and Aquaman (and probably more, but I haven’t looked through the whole list yet).

Update: Apparently the the Bombshells series features “retro-bombshell versions of Batwoman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl in an alternate reality where super-powered female heroes are on the front lines in WWII” as well as “Monsters, magic, mayhem, & Marguerites” (the last item being a reference to the writer and artist on the series, Marguerite Bennett and Marguerite Sauvage).

May 14, 2015

First Look At Legends of Tomorrow

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Today we got our first trailer for the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow series, which will have 13 episodes and air in 2016. The promo does a pretty good job of introducing the characters and the premise, but it includes Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) among its cast, and will have at least a cameo from the Flash (Grant Gustin) and other Flashverse characters. One’s a surprise and you’ll see him in the trailer, but he’s still an obvious choice to appear. And we finally learn who the main villain will be. also has a behind-the-scenes featurette for the series, showing some of the stunts and including commentary from the showrunners. It’s made by the same creative team as The Flash and Arrow.

What do you think of the videos and premise? Are you thinking of checking out the show when it debuts?

May 13, 2015

Digital Flash Annuals from 1989 and 1991, including Armageddon 2001

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Flash Annual 3 1989

This week, DC adds digital backissues of two more Flash annuals from the 1987 series.

Flash Annual #3 (1989): Jade & Obsidian guest star as Wally West tries to determine just what happened to Jay Garrick when he and the rest of the JSA disappeared. Meanwhile, his mother sets up his new JLI transport tube and starts exploring its uses. In a comedic backup story, Wally and Chunk visit the JLI and get caught between Guy Gardner and a reporter. Also, updated Who’s Who pages for the Flash and related characters.

Flash Annual 4 1991Flash Annual #4 (1991): Ten years in the future, the Flash is retired, and Wally West and his family have put together new lives in the witness protection program. But his son has inherited his super-speed without the aura that protects him from its side effects. An accident puts him in the hospital…and exposes the Flash’s identity to a ruthless villain who’s waited years to take care of unfinished business. To save his son’s life, he’ll have to don the scarlet suit and face his old enemies one last time.

The Flash skipped 1990’s Annual season, instead releasing the Flash 50th Anniversary Special. No sign of that one on ComiXology yet.

“Rogue Air” – Review of Episode 122 of THE FLASH

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In 1997 a movie named “Con Air” was released, starring Nicolas Cage and telling of a flight for bad guys that went horribly wrong. In 2015, we get an episode of THE FLASH called “Rogue Air”…what could POSSIBLY go wrong this time? Turns out, that may be the least of our worries in the penultimate episode for the first season of THE FLASH!


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May 12, 2015

Flash Season Finale Promo

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It all happens next week: the season finale of The Flash. Here’s the thirty-second trailer for next week’s episode, titled “Fast Enough”, and naturally there are major spoilers within.

Pretty intense! You can definitely see traces of a particular story from the comics. Are you looking forward to the finale?