October 13, 2014

Flash Television Tidbits

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Now that the Flash TV series is underway, news about upcoming episodes and characters is just about continuous. You can learn some details about the third and fourth episodes behind the cut (hidden for potential spoilers).

And don’t forget: episode two, “Fastest Man Alive” airs tonight (October 14) at 8 pm!

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For New Readers: A Guide To Rogues And Reverse Flashes

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rogues header Hello new Flash fans and curious readers! Welcome to Flash fandom, and I hope you enjoy your stay :)

Recently Speed Force did a post about the basics of the Flash book and some issue recommendations, which are great introductions for new readers. I figured this could be an addendum to those pieces.

See the short biographies after the jump.

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October 12, 2014

Flash TV Preview for Episode 2: “The Fastest Man Alive”

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The preview is up for episode two, “The Fastest Man Alive,” featuring Multiplex.

Unofficial Set Photos Reveal Another Flash Villain

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Most of you have seen this by now. It’s unofficial, but photos have leaked showing the filming of a fight scene between the Flash and…well, click through if you don’t mind being spoiled.

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October 11, 2014

You loved the Flash TV Show. Wanna read some comics?

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Flash v4 #1 banner

The Flash TV show is here! Can’t wait for more? You’re in luck: there are decades worth of comics that you can read right now. But where to start?

We’ve got some recommended reading for The Flash, focusing on comics that are available digitally and in book form to make them easier to find.

DC offers digital comics through a number of portals including ComiXology, which has apps to read your comics on your tablet (iPad, Android and Windows), phone, or computer. You can also go through the Kindle, iTunes, and Google Play stores, but you’ll want to check out ComiXology this weekend because they have a giant Flash sale going on right now.

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October 9, 2014

Flash TV Casting News And Photos

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miller-captain-cold There’s been a lot of new casting information about the Flash show over the last few days, and it’s hard to know where to start! Some of the details are arguably spoilery, so they’re behind a jump.

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