January 19, 2016

The Riddler trades Gotham for Central City in Flash #51

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Flash #51

From DC’s April 2016 solicitations:

Variant cover by JOHN ROMITA, JR. and DANNY MIKI
On sale APRIL 27 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

The Flash’s world is in utter chaos: he’s wanted by the police, headed by his adoptive father. His enemies, The Rogues, have been deputized to take him in. And it couldn’t be a worse time for The Riddler to stake his claim as the most dangerous man in Central City!

A Brief History of the West Family

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The West family has been a key part of the Flash supporting cast since the 1950s (and in fact one West was the main character of the series from 1987-2006), but they’ve changed a lot in that time.


Reporter Iris West is introduced, dating Barry Allen. Little is said about her family.


Wally West, Iris’ nephew, first shows up visiting his aunt in Central City. He meets Barry Allen (as the Flash), is struck by lightning and chemicals in a freak repeat of the original accident, and becomes Kid Flash. Wally’s parents appear in his solo stories when he goes home to Blue Valley.

Strangely, I can’t find any instance of Iris and her brother interacting on-page anywhere. Not even in the later Wally stories of the 1990s or 2000s.

Iris’ father Ira West is a college professor, brilliant but absent-minded. We never see or hear about his wife until much later.


Iris is revealed to be adopted. Born to Eric and Fran Russell in the distant future, she was sent back in time to save her from a terrible war. A flashback shows Ira and Nadine West as they discover the time capsule.


With Wally West as the main Flash, his parents get more attention — and names: Rudolph and Mary West. Rudolph is revealed to be a sleeper agent for the Manhunters, and the illusion of an idyllic family life is shattered.

Wally’s aunt Charlotte and his uncle Edgar Rhodes are mentioned, but I’m not sure they ever show up, and it takes a while before anyone cements which side of the family they’re on.


“Born to Run” retcons Wally’s childhood into a dysfunctional one more in line with the way things turned out once his father’s true colors were revealed. Iris, rather than just being Wally’s aunt, is now the only member of his family who really understands him.

The future heroes the Tornado Twins, Don & Dawn Allen, are revealed to be Barry and Iris’ children. Don’s son Bart Allen travels back in time with his grandmother Iris to the present day.


Wally West and Linda Park marry and have twins, whom they name Iris West II and Jai.

2010s: New 52

DC restarts their entire line, establishing new versions of some characters and younger versions of others.

As with the Silver Age, we begin with Iris West. After a while we meet her younger brother Daniel, who becomes the Reverse-Flash and tries to use his power to go back in time and kill their abusive father William (who turns out to be worse than Rudy ever was in the pre-Flashpoint universe). Their mother isn’t named. All we know is that she died giving birth to Daniel.

Later we find out about her older brother Rudy, who skipped out on his wife and their son Wally some time ago. Wally’s mother disappears (presumed dead) when Central City is taken over by Grodd and the Crime Syndicate, and Iris, who barely knows him, takes him in as the only family he has left.

TV Show (2014 on)

Iris grew up with her father, police detective Joe West, and believed her mother died when she was young. When she was around 11 years old, her friend Barry Allen lost his parents, and Joe took him in.

Francine West hadn’t died, but ran away after checking into rehab. Unable to find her, Joe decided it would be kinder to tell his daughter that she had died rather than abandoned her.

Years later, Francine reached out to the family she left behind in Central City…and Iris learned about her long-lost brother. At the end of the fall finale, we left off with the first meeting of Wally West and his sister Iris and father Joe.

January 18, 2016

“Pretty Messed Up” Extended Trailer

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The CW has posted the extended version of the “Pretty Messed Up” promo we saw a few weeks ago. This is one of those multi-episode trailers, so it contains scenes from the first few episodes of 2016 (and thus spoilers).

The Flash returns this week, as does Arrow! And Legends Of Tomorrow makes its debut on Thursday, featuring Flashverse characters Captain Cold and Heat Wave. Who’s looking forward to them?

January 17, 2016

Flash TV Tidbits

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Entertainment Weekly has some new snippets of information about upcoming episodes of The Flash series. Spoilers behind the jump!

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January 15, 2016

Flash #51 Variant Cover by John Romita, Jr.

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Flash 51 Variant Cover by John Romita, Jr.

DC has revealed its variant cover theme for April 2016: the DCU drawn by John Romita, Jr. While he’s done Superman and Batman recently, the legendary artist is best known for his work at Marvel, so bringing him over to DC for a whole month of covers is an event in itself!

Flash also appears on the Justice League and JLA covers, and you can see all of them at the linked gallery on DC’s blog.

“Fast Lane” Official Synopsis

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The CW has released the official synopsis for the third episode of 2016, titled “Fast Lane”. It will air on February 2nd. Spoilers behind the jump!

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